Froggie Jump Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips “Premium Features”

Froggie Jump Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips “Premium Features”

Froggie Jump Cheats to donate and to get premium features!

Froggie Jump was released on 2 January 2017, the game was created and developed by Cenek Strichel.

Froggie Jump is now available for free to download on all the Android devices with firmware of 4.0.2 and higher through Google Play, as the game is also available for free at the Appstore for all the IOS devices, however there are in app purchases which you can buy them for real money such as the donation part which you can always get it using the help of the Froggie Jump cheats like always for free.


Do not allow unless you are already agreeing to their terms.

when you first start the game for the first time, the Froggie Jump guide will ask you gently to allow the Froggie Jump to access photos, media and files on your device, so if you agree to these terms just hit the allow button, and if you do not agree simply you can just hit the deny button, and it will not affect the game, as Froggie Jump will start just fine, so do not hit the allow button just to make the game run.


Follow the game instruction for better results.

the game has an easy game controls, as when you begin your first level in Froggie Jump, the Froggie Jump tips will illustrate the easiest conrols for so much time, as there are 3 arrows the first one which is one the bottom left of your device’s screen, as it directs to the left direction, you can now use it to go to the left direction, and the one that is the opposite from it, is the right button, which when you tap and hold you can just go to the right direction, then at the bottom right corner of your device’ screen there is the jump button, just hit it to jump over the obstacles, do not forget to get the help form the Froggie Jump hack.


Froggie Jump TIps


Enjoy the Froggie Jump’s music and graphics.

Enjoy the music which made by a well know big company that are full of artists, the VJ memes, to be able to enjoy the game much more, the textures quality is incredible, which was made by Andrea Woodford, so you will surely enjoy this game to the maximum level, do not forget to use the help of the Froggie Jump cheats for free.


Collect flies and deliver them to your Froggie girl!

Try collecting, as well as accessing the new items, as it gives you amazing features as you can get an item, that you can use it to double and triple jump as well, when you tap twice on the jumping button, and remember that your main job in Froggie Jump is to move fast and avoid the obstacles which they are too many of them, as you can drown in the sea water, and search for the flies now, as you get them as a delicious meal to your girl, which is waiting for you, so just try to collect them faster.


Use Froggie Jump hack to disable the annoying ads.

You can now donate to the game, as there are three kinds of donations in the Froggie Jump, as the first one is the small donation, and after that comes the medium donation, then last but not least there is the massive donation, and each one of them will give you the ability to access and unlock all the levels that are in the game, as well as you will get a support developer, and the last thing is that you can now with this donation remove the annoying ads for good, so get your hands on the Froggie Jump hack now to make these wonderful features for free now.

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