Forsake The Rake Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Forsake The Rake Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

You are working as an investigator with your friends and the case has taken you to investigate this rake, but the leads been taking you from one place to another and you have ended up in this one scary laboratory that is placed under the ground in the forest, so prepare yourself to take investigate it out and give a detailed report about each room you entering about the place exactly, use Forsake the Rake cheats as well

Forsake The Rake was created and published by “Poison Games” company and it is available for both platforms the Android or the IOS ones.

Game Story.

after you have ended up in this remote forest to investigate the underground lab, you will get to speak with different people around the area and listen to what they have got to say, this would woman is saying that she has near see the rake since he has ruined her life, but she has known that that rake has been in her room while she was sleeping, she is afraid from this moment to come, where she opens her eyes to see him staring right at her!

Choose Between 10 different Levels.

As soon as you press on the start button, you will get to choose between different 10 levels available and who knows, there could be an upgrade to the game coming soon on its way, so it is recommended always to check for the latest game updates available, there will be many extra Forsake the Rake tips mentioned in about every different department related to the game so far.

enter the first scene with a flash light in your hands, and prepare yourself to move around with the directional pad that is located on the left bottom corner of the screen.

Game Icons Explained.

we have discovered a very helpful menu in the game that could be explaining everything and icon you will be encountering inside the missions, so read the controls carefully and remember to keep the details and description of each button right in your head but do not worry as we are in our Forsake the Rake guide we will be covering them up for you.

Gun Logo: this is used to fire out at the opponents so use it with caution.

Run: if you want to run and increase your movement speed, then press on the running guy icon.

Reload: firing at your enemies will automatically result in running low of ammo or even your current magazine could run out entirely of bullets, then press on the bullets icon in order to reload your weapon.

Controls The Lights Depending On the Situation.

sometimes you need to keep your lights low in order to not to get detected by the enemies or the rake find you out and escape before you reach him, click on the red mark located at the bottom right corner of the screen, first tap would decrease the light and second tap would completely turn off the lights, something you to need to pay close attention to is your health points which is located at the bottom left corner and if you do not know what does the life points mean then you should be reading the article closely, you should be increasing them as once they reach the 0 number you will intently die and start from the beginning of the last check point at the game.

Getting Forsake the Rake Hack Will Improve Your Powers Significantly.

entering the first mission in the dark place at the forest with your equipment ready to be used but everything is pointless as you will never know what exactly your mission is but this is the normal life of any investigator so you will get used to it, and once you enter inside the laboratory you will be encountering several scary monsters and you should get everything prepared so far in order to surpass them, use the Forsake the Rake hack to get them strong weapons to take them out fast.

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