Football Saga Fantasista Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Football Saga Fantasista Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Football Saga Fantasista Cheats to get free access to the Grand Launch Pack!

Football Saga Fantasista is released on 1 December 2016, as the Football Saga Fantasista was created and developed by Agate Games.

Football Saga Fantasista is available now for free to download through Android Playstore with firmware of 4.1 and higher, Football Saga Fantasista is also available for free to download through the Appstore to all the IOS devices, however there are in app purchases which you can skip by using the Football Saga Fantasista cheats, or you can buy for real money such as the pack which they are two for now the first one is the Grand Launch Pack and the second one is the Christmas joy Pack as you can get them using the Football Saga Fantasista cheats or you can just purchase them from the store.


Achieve your childish dreams!

Have you ever dreamed about being a profession football player, as when you were a child you must have dreamed of that of being a well known professional football player that plays in the biggest team in Europe league, in England, or Spain, or Italy or even Germany.



Amazing Soundtracks that will keep you right in the mood.

When you first start the game I assure you that you will be amazed by the magnificent sound tracks and the music involved in the game, then the Football Saga Fantasista guide will tell you gently to tap the blue button located at the bottom of the screen which says tap to start playing.


Create you character!

Choose your character looks and appearance to use the game, as you got to choose this face from six different looks and try harder to make him looks like you a lot, you can also choose his skin color from four different colors, then the third thing is the hair type you can either make it the fashion ways or you can be a classic one, or you can just cut parts of your head and leave the other as along hair, the conclusion is that you can choose from 8 different hair cut styles, then last but not least you got to choose your character’s hair color from 12 different colors from white to the black.



Choose your character position that suits you the most.

When you finish customizing you character, the Football Saga Fantasista tips will ask you to choose also your character’s position in the pitch field as a professional one that you can not change further, the first position is the goalkeeper position as he is the only player in your team is to be allowed to guard the post with his two hands, as you start which level one gloves and focuses on the HAN, RFX, AER and the CON stats, then we have the Defender which is the deepest line of defense that prevent the team from being penetrated by the opponent, as he starts his career with a level one hat and just focuses on the Tac, Mar, Phy and Con stats, then you have the midfielder and man with the throw balls, as he starts with a level one T shirt, and he focuses on theses stats the Pas, Drb, Spc and Spd, then last but not least the striker that he is the frontline man with the task to assault the opponent zone and to score lot of goals, as he starts his career with level one boots and he focuses on these stats which are the Sho, Aer, Rfx and Phy, then you have to enter the name of maximum 10 characters, and do not use offensive names as your name is visible to others, do not forget to use the Football Saga Fantasista hack to get in game money to make the upgrades.


Use Football Saga Fantasista hack to get a free access to the Football Saga Fantasista store.

Try to access the Football Saga Fantasista store to be able to buy all the gold you will need or you can just choose the easy way and get them for free using the Football Saga Fantasista hack to be able to recover from injuries instantly.


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