Flying Tank Extreme Battle Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies

Flying Tank Extreme Battle Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies

Flying Tank Extreme Battle Cheats to Get Yourself Unlimited Amount of Gold!

This is an action game, it was created and published by “Awesome Action Games” and the game was released in 15 December, 2016. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to get all the missions that your country have given to you to bring glory to them, get the Flying Tank Extreme Battle Cheats right now and right away for the tons of golds waiting for you.


Game Play!

Let’s get familiar with what we have, after choosing the tank you are going to play with, and with the secret missions your country gave to you, you will start finding your enemies in the streets while you are flying or on the ground, so just start preparing yourself to the epic battles going to happen and arm yourself well with the most powerful tanks in the game, the game has too many levels and missions to be accomplished , and to get too many cash to accomplish the hard missions you get the Flying Tank Extreme Battle cheats.

Strong Controlling Mechanism.

With the first tutorial you are going to learn how to control your tank, to start moving it you can begin moving your finger in the joystick to the forward, and to attacking just tap on the rocket button and as the tutorial you are to kill that civilian after following the green path, after that the cops will arrive so you will begin to kill them all, and in order to fly you can move the slider up, and to win every battle you are going to enter you can start getting Flying Tank Extreme Battle hack.


Start Upgrading Your Tank!

There are 4 options to be upgraded in your tank, Turret, Barrel, Armor and Engine, by upgrading such things in your tank you will become stronger and will be unable to be defeated by your enemies, so get the cash ready and start upgrading your armor which will increase your defense from the upcoming attacks, also the engine will increase the power and speed of your tank, and by upgrading the barrel you will be increasing your overall speed fire, and finally the turret will help you boosting your attack, and if you want to buy these upgrades and you can’t afford their cash start getting the Flying Tank Extreme Battle cheats to get yourself a countless amount of gold and make sure to read our Flying Tank Extreme Battle tips in order to know what is going to happen in your journey.


Get Ready for Your First Missions!

By tapping on your tank, you are going to be ready to start the missions and to win the upcoming battles, after your first missions and it was all about killing the civilian and the cops, your second missions is going to be flying high with your tank and then you will start to use your joystick to move forward and to kill the enemy you will find, your third mission is to start destroying the copters you will find on your way, but put in mind that with every missions you enter you will using one of your total energy points and if the bar of this energy goes to zero you will not be ready to enter any battle again until you refill it, and to achieve too many levels in no time you can obtaining the Flying Tank Extreme Battle hack.


Start Using The Flying Tank Extreme Battle Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you are getting disturbed by all these amount of ads, and you cannot afford the cash and gold to upgrade or to get a better tank of your regular one, and to upgrade your tank with the most upgrades that are available in the game to bring the win to your country, you can start using that, and in order to understand the game well before you even start it just make sure you have read all of our Flying Tank Extreme Battle guide.


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