Fireman Kids Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Fireman Kids Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Use the Fireman Kids cheats to get the full version of Fireman Kids.

Fireman Kids was released on 31 January 2017, as the game was created and developed Ducky Lucky Studio LLC.

Fireman Kids is now available to download for all the Android devices through Google Play for free for firmware of 4.0.3 and higher, the game is also available for free to download on all the IOS devices on the App Store from version 4.3 and up.

Fireman Kids is good learning game for children as it is rated with four plus, through the game, your kids will learn new thing at their life, that you will be amazed by, but be careful as the game contains in game purchases, as you can buy gold coins with real money, so take your attention, however you can get your hands on the Fireman Kids cheats and get all of the gold coins that you will need through your journey.

Start the game and feel the adventure!

At the main menu of the Fireman Kids, the Fireman Kids tips will offer you to play more games from the same developer, as you can view the game privacy.

You can also mute the game from the same menu.

Choose your character, and choose his/her outfit.

When you first open Fireman Kids for the first time on your mobile device, you will get to choose between two kids, boy and girl, after choosing you will dress them with a helmet and a nice costume, however there are costumes that need gold coins, as the Fireman Kids guide will give you five gold coins for free, as if you want more, you can always get the Fireman Kids cheats for free to get infinite gold coins.

Get your daily gold bonus.

When you first open Fireman Kids for the first day, you will be welcomed to the game by getting one gold coins, as the next day, Fireman Kids will give you three gold coins, then at the third game will get six gold coins, and so on till you will reach the day number twelve.



Follow the game instruction to understand the game easily.

The first thing that you will have to do is to get ready, then you will have to collect your objects from a flash lighter and a fire extinguisher and other needed equipment that you will surely need, so choose carefully.

After a period of time, the time bar will end and you will standing at your fire fighter car, and try to open the truck of your car to bring in all the equipment that you have collected, then you have to open the door and prepare your car and drive to your location.

Try to solve your problems wisely thorough your options!

Your first mission at Fireman Kids will be at a kitchen while there is a plate in on fire, as you have three options on the ground, the first one is a napkin, then a broken chair, then last but not least screwdriver.

So try to figure out what you have to do, so bring the napkin and put it on the fire, to prevent the oxygen to reach the fire, as the fire needs oxygen to breathe, so the fire will stop.

Then after all of that will be rewarded a gold coin, so make sure to get the Fireman Kids cheats for free to get many gold coins easily.

With the help of the Fireman Kids hack, you can get Fireman Kids free from the annoying ads for free!

Once you play the game, you will face a ton of annoying ads that will divert you from your attention, so feel free to search for the Fireman Kids hack and get rid of these ads.

You can also unlock mini games from the Fireman Kids store, such as the cat mini game and the living room mini game.


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