Fashion Story Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Special Strategy

Fashion Story Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Special Strategy

Fashion Story Cheats to get the Gems needed for developing you a boutique!

Fashion Story is released in 2016, as the Fashion Story was created and developed by Storm8 Studios.

Fashion Story is now available for free to download through Google Play for all the Android devices with the firmware needed.

The game is also available for free to download through the Appstore for all the IOS devices., however there are in app purchases that you can buy for real money in the store or you can just choose the easy was and get your hands on the Fashion Story cheats to be able to get all the Gems you will need to improve your shop for free now.


Happy customers increase your boutique popularity.

When you first start Fashion Story game you will find yourself at a dress and fashion shop as you watch the clients come and enter your shop and as the clients come and go and if they liked your place they will make the place more popular as they will tell their friends and thief families, about how greats this place is according to the item’s prices that is so fare and the material of the created clothes which are made of fine materials that will leave a good first impression to all those clients that come for the first time to the shop.


When you leave your device make sure to run the game in the background.

The first Fashion Story tips that the game will give you is when you leave the game for a while and return to your device and tap your screen to wake it up your will notice that you have gain extra Gems while you were busy as the time passes by


Improve your social life and your community!

Fashion Story guide will tell you to try to access your social life though your device phone in the game by getting to the setting main menu which is located at the left bottom corner of your device’s screen and shaped like a red book then you have 5 options to choose between the first one is your profile as you can choose your Boutique name, you can also change the outfit of your cloths like your hair styles through decent variety of styles and up to 50 more styles but all of that of that is not for free as you buy them for Gems coins and you can purchase chose Gems coins from the Fashion Story store or you can just choose the easy way and get all the Gems you will need by using the Fashion Story cheats for free now.

Tou can also customize your eye by using Gems which they are same as the Gems that you purchase them from the store or you can get those by using the Fashion Story hack to get all you want to free now, you can also choose the best suitable lipstick for you which some are free and some are cost Gems, then you have the setting menu which you can just mute the game music sounds as well as you can mute as well the sound effects in this game, what is really new in the game is that you can push notification  as the clothing ready or whatever likes you will receive or all the comments that will come and written to your wall just like any other social media and a smaller version of the Facebook for an example, and last but not least you can enjoy and read the help or the FAQ ( the frequently asked question) in the same setting menu to help you will more progress.


Visit Different community member to like their shop items.

Try to visit in your spare time the other shops to like their items and to write messages on their walls as you can visit the three stars the Perdue boutique which is level 84 now or you can go to Zeenie’s shop you can just promote the boutique items by taping on the shop items that you liked, you can also take screen shots from the shop and tell the shop’s owner that she has done a decent shop decorating and managing this whole perfect place.


Use Fashion Story hack to get enough Gems to design your own boutique.

Design the cloth and the parts of your shop to give a first good impression and to make the shopping more entertainment that the others boutiques around, try to purchase  Gems from the game store or just get them using the Fashion Story hack for free now.

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