• Why Was www.theteachersalaryproject.org Created?

This is a Non-Profit organization, its goals are to review the games and keep all the players from all over the world updated with the latest games getting released and provide game guides to them to overcome the common problems.

  • How Does the Website Profit?

We do not profit and we will never be asking you to use your credit cards or donate.

  • Do I Need to Create an Account to Be Able to Read the Reviews?

No account creation needed, anyone can simply read the games reviews for free and without creating an account, they are available publicly.

  • How Many Games Have Been Reviewed So Far?

You can find the games counter located at the top of each article you are entering, as it will be allowing you to know the number of views on the website and also the article number.

  • How Many Writers Working On This Website?

We have a professional team that keeps working none stop, so the numbers of the writers cannot be actually revealed, but we can only promise you with high quality reviews.

  • Can I Work for You?

Of course, once we have an available job and if you do believe that your skills are high and want to give it a try, then pay a visit to the Contact Us section.

  • Can I Suggest a Game for The Staff to Get It Reviewed?

Yes, you can find the http://www.theteachersalaryproject.org email and communications tools listed all over the place, use them to send us your game.

  • Why Do I See Upcoming Games reviewed Here?

As a famous gaming website, we do receive copies of games before they even get released to review it for the players.

  • How Many Articles Are Getting Uploaded Every day?

We are doing our best to upload as many reviews as possible, but we are standing between 5 to 12 articles per day.

  • I have Found a Bug, What Should I Do?

You should report with details to our development team immediately, you can find the communication email located at the bottom of the website.

  • How Does the Game Cheats Work?

They work as soon as you click on the stated link and they are coming for free, they could be asking for few surveying information but that is not.

  • Is The Game Cheats Free?

It is totally safe and free.

  • Is This Website for Android Platform Only?

No, we do support reviewing games which are related to iOS, Android, Windows Mobile Even the Symbian OS.

  • How Can I Download the Games?

You can click on the hyper link that is located in the Android or IOS word in each of our reviews.

  • Do I Have to Pay to Use the Game Cheats?

No, you do not pay anything, and if anyone asked you to pay for the cheats then just ignore this message because it is probably a scam.

  • I Cannot Find the Game Am Looking for, What Should I Do?

Make sure you are contacting us with your complaint and we will be handling it as soon as possible, and you can simply enter our TheTeacherSalaryProject.org again to check for the problem after 2 days mark maximum since our team does not delay any complaint and they fix it as soon as it has been received.

  • Does The Website Support the Search Function?

Yes, it does, and this function will be allowing you to search for your desired game review easily.

  • Am I Safe After Using the Website Service?

If you are talking about reading the reviews, then yes you are totally safe and secure as we do not ask for any of your own information, you can learn more about this part by visiting the terms and conditions section.