Fantasy Fighter Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Fantasy Fighter Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Watch Your Balance of Diamonds Increasing Rapidly as Soon as You Start Using the Fantasy Fighter Cheats for Free!

Enter a great action game that will put you in combat with monsters and criminals at the same time and your main goal is to bring the peace back into the world that we know in an adventurous 2D graphics system, make sure that the Fantasy Fighter cheats is always by your side.

Fantasy Fighter was created by “Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited” company and it is available on the Android and IOS platforms.

Game Features Walkthrough.

Before you start getting into the game play you should be aware of the three login options available to choose from each one of them will provide you with the seam features except only one which we will be talking about it with more details so far, At first you should be knowing that if you never wanted to share any of your own personal information but you should understand that your game data will always be sitting at the stake of being lost if you ever lost the device or had to reinstall the game under any case, read more about the login options through our Fantasy Fighter guide.

Now you will be given the opportunity of choosing between two login features the first one is the Facebook and the second one is WeChat, both will work in the same way as a cloud saving server and keep your data safe and secure.

Server Choosing Techniques.

Coming now after you got your login account ready is to choose the server that you will be playing in, in this process you must be following certain steps, first thing is to select a server that was newly created as in the new servers your chances of competing and becoming the top of the server is easy compared to the old created servers, and one more thing is that server location it must be as close as possible to where you live to reduce the latency as much as possible.



Learn to Pick Up Your Character Carefully.

Let’s preview the characters available to choose from to enter this interesting journey with, firs tone is the Brazel, and he is using knucklers as the main weapon, his special skill is the melee burst as well wearing the black shirt and red pants, there are many other attacking skills available there such as the Claw and earth spike but you can upgrade and improve them according to your own techniques.

The second character is the Kurakikaoru, a naughty girl using dual guns, she has two special skills which are built around the ranged motility, and there are other average skills which are Charged laser and gun swing, we will move later to the special skills with more details.


Last character we got here is the ELL BRUH, he uses the long sword as the main weapon, the special ability is the High speed combo followed with two strong skills such as Glimpse and triple slash, try your best to put your hands over the Fantasy Fighter cheats in order to obtain these diamonds which will allow you to upgrade and improve the set of your hero turning it to become an unstoppable beast, follow also the Fantasy Fighter tips.

Say Goodbye to The Struggles with The Fantasy Fighter Hack.

Try to choose a suitable name for you’re the character that you will be creating because you will be faced up with players from all over the world in once place, and also when you do not know what to do and feeling lost then just tap Natali’s portrait in the top right corner of the screenplay, Natalie will tell you the best choice that you should make at the current situation and this all coming back to how deep you are trapped in there, do not forget to get the Fantasy Fighter hack by your side as it will make every single purchase or improvement you are doing very easy and you do not have to worry about checking the price tag anymore.

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