Family Guy- Another Freakin Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Family Guy- Another Freakin Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide


Fill Your Pocket with Coins by Putting Your Hands On the Family Guy Another Freakin Cheats.


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This is a puzzle game, it was created and published by “Jam City Inc.” the game was released on 25 April, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and start the dream of becoming the best booze seller in the world and to start the expansion of you dream, and finally make sure to always get the help from using the Family Guy Another Freakin cheats that will provide you with all the coins to be able to progress easier in the game, and to be able to unlock the different stages of the game, and to finally stop the disturbing ads that appears every time you play the game, and as a beginner the game will give you unlimited life time for two hours to enjoy and learn the game before the serious play.

Serve Your Customers and Get a High Score to Compete in The Score Board of the Game.

Match three objects, thirst drunks need booze badly! Make matches to fill orders! Hey! These fellas need drinks, make matches to fill orders! Customer orders appear here, Quagmire needs 6 drinks to full his order, so get to it! Time to drink until we can feel anything! In each game you will be getting specific amount of moves to end the level in.

And after each game you will be shown your score of the game and also your best score you have ever scored in the game, and finally make sure to read our Family Guy Another Freakin tips we are going to mention in the next titles to totally learn the game before you even start it.



Talk with Lois to Motivate You Achieving Your Dreams.

It’s going to be just like BJ and the Bear, but with less sexual tension between the lads, Peter, this is idiotic! What about me and the kids? What about your job? Trust me, Lolls some of the kids are the most important thing in the world to me! But my life has purpose now, this is what I was born to do, also provide some assistant to your goals with Family Guy Another Freakin Cheats.

Oh, please! You said same thing when you took that job driving the monorail at Disney world Mexico.

I thought we were setting up a cutaway, Peter, it’s a mobile game. Cutaways cost extra, oh yeah, of course. Hey players, invite 600 Facebook fiends and I will do a that grids my gears bit or something! Anyway, this booze truck is the best idea ever! First spooner street, then the next street over, then the further places, then the world! Whatever, Peter. You want to drive in a crappy old truck full of flammable liquids, you be my guest. Thanks, Lolls. I’m so glad you talked me into this.

What? I have been trying to talk you out of that, and now make sure you have read all of our Family Guy Another Freakin guide that explains how the game started to easier start spreading your booze all over the world.

Follow The in Game Instructions to Learn How to Play the Game.

Four in a line makes a row or column blaster, use it to remove a whole line! Let’s make some power ups to blow stuff up with, match the 4 pieces there to make row blaster! Mixing explosives and booze, there. Now let’s make a column blaster! Now you are getting it! Match that column blaster to set it off.

This is how you should be using all the exists power ups of the game, with that you will be able to blast more booze and you are going to serve more customers in no time and before the specific moves you have got.

This game depends on the stars reward, you will be rewarded with different amount of stars every level depends on the moves you have left in the stock, those stars will be useful to be able to unlock the different and upcoming stages of the game, so you will need to exert all of your efforts to get the full mark each game to get the needed stars for each stage of the game, and finally make sure to always get the help from using the Family Guy Another Freakin cheats that will provide you with all the coins you are going to need to easily progress in the game.



Unlock The Different Stages of the Game and Spread You Booze All Over the World.

This is the world map of the game, once you begin the game you will start with the Spooner Street and it consists of 20 levels, and to get into the next stage you need around 60 stars.

The next stage of the game is called the Downtown Quahog and it consists of 19 levels, after completing this stage you will get moved to the James Woods and it also consists of another 19 levels.

Barrington country Club will be your fourth stage of the game and it also has another 19 levels, AI Harrington’s also got another 19 levels to be completed.

Asian town will be consisted of hard 19 levels to be completed, and Bob’s Funland Amusement Park has about 20 levels to be done, and finally your last stop will be at the Pawtucket Brewery and it has also 19 levels.

So make sure to always get all the stars from each levels to be able to unlock all these stages and spread the dream you have wanted and to work it out, complete all of the given tasks by getting some help from Family Guy Another Freakin hack.

Unlock The Molotov’s by Obtaining the Family Guy Another Freakin Hack.

You know what goes great with drinking? Explosives. Make a 2×2 match to create a Molotov! Molotov’s blow up pieces that help you get to your goal; they are your fiery friends! Make a match to see.

These Molotov’s and the other stuffs from the game are made to always help you progress easier in the game, and get be able to score high points to be able to compete against random players that are playing the game from all over the world in the score board of the game.

The game offers you a good option so you can always adjust the game settings to enjoy it the most, in this game you can mute the sounds or unmute it, you can also mute or unmute the music in the game, and also you can make it vibrate and finally you can call the support section of the game to solve the different problems and bugs you are having while playing.

And finally if you are running out of coins, if you cannot progress in the game and stuck in a specific level because you cannot get more stars, using the Family Guy Another Freakin hack will always provide you with all the coins you are going to need to be able to finish and enjoy the game and to become at the top of the score board of the game.


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