Exiled Kingdoms Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies “Free Money”

Exiled Kingdoms Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies “Free Money”

Exiled Kingdoms Cheats To Turn Off The Ads, And Get Unlimited Amount Of Money!

Exiled Kingdoms is an RPG action game, start roaming around in an open world map, explore new places and fight weird monsters, follow a great storyline and enjoy the different incidents that will happen throughout your gameplay time, start downloading it for free on your Android or IOS device, make sure you are reading the full Exiled Kingdoms guide.


Outstanding Storyline!

I was robbed in my sleep, everything is gone: money, weapons, even the letter, all I have now is a dagger and few coins, it must have been Adaon! I need to equip myself again, or I will not survive any longer, maybe I can find some help in that town to the north, and now welcome to the village of Lannegar, here you will be safe from any attacks and the goblins raids will not be able to harm you, since our gates and guards will stop them, search now for the captain Whitewater, he will help you with your journey of finding the thief who stole all your gears and help you start over with new equipment’s, but nothing comes for free, you will start working as a goblin hunter, there are some goblins found mostly on the west, towards an old mine, make sure you kill 5 goblins and report back to him to get a reward, but if you think this job is very dangerous for you and waste of time since the reward is not that big, you can use Exiled Kingdoms cheats as a faster alternative, which will generate for you all the resources you ever wanted to continue your journey.

Learn To Move Then Conquer The World!

This will be a brief introduction to the controlling system, let’s start with the moving pad on the bottom left corner, you can just swipe and hold to move your character to your desired direction, on the other hand you will find the combat buttons, block, attack, and special attacking skills as well, make sure that you are keeping your eyes on your health bar at the top left corner, because this is what keeps you moving alive, once it hits the zero number, you shall be dead and start over from the last check point, but using the Exiled Kingdoms cheats will help you with getting supreme gears which will make you invincible using the money generated from it.


Keep Your Eyes On The Health Bar!

you can also use health potions to regenerate this bar after any combat or during, remember to read the Exiled Kingdoms tips, lets continue, but these potions will cost you some resources, so in order to have enough money to purchase the potions to keep you going on the game, it will take a long time of farming killing monsters to collect the rewards and drops, but right here we can make things much easier for you, all you have to do is to click on the link at the top and enjoy generating unlimited number of resources for free.

Use Your Attribute Points Wisely!

Checking your personal stats page and you will find that you can gain attribute points after each level your character will gain, you can also increase the traits which are STR, END, AGI, INT, Awa, Per, and now let’s start with the STR, each point you add into the STR will lead to higher health points and higher damage but the most increase will be in the health points which will make you survive the battles much better, but first of all make sure you are using the Exiled Kingdoms hack in order to get the required items to advance in level much faster, the higher level you are, the stronger and better traits you will be getting.


Explore New Resources And Use Exiled Kingdoms Hack For Optimal results!

Each point you adding to the agility trait, will result an increase of the armor much means higher defense against the attacks of the other monsters, and also you will get an improved movement speed, and about the INT which is aka Intelligence, will increase the Manna points, and the manna points is consumed right after each time you execute a special skill. You can purchase mana potions by using the Exiled Kingdoms hack which will grant you the required resoruces to purchase it.

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