Episode: Pretty Little Liars Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Free Gems

Episode: Pretty Little Liars Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Free Gems

Episode: Pretty Good Liars Cheats Is Here For You To Get You A Free Access To Multiple Numbers Of gems For Free!

This is considered to be a unique game, for it is own storyline and idea, we do not get to encounter many horror games around on our regular basis, so this game will actually scare the hell out of you.

It was published by Episode Interactive company, and it is available on Android and IOS for free.

Keep in mind that in order to go on different game challenges and explore new areas, you will have to own enough amount of gems, which can be simply obtained by using Episode: Pretty Little Liars Hack for Free.

Hide The Secret of Rosewood!

We cannot wait for you to start your first story, Lights, camera… Action!

Welcome to Episode, a catalog of interactive stories and adventures! We are going to start you off with one of our fan favorites, Pretty Little Liars!

And now welcome to Rosewood, new girl. I have been waiting for you, you can try and run from your past, but I know the secret you hide in your locket, tomorrow I flip your world upside down, do not be late! These were the words of the evil grim reaper that has visited you into your dream last night. But as you wake up in the next morning and your DAD is calling you because you are late for the meeting of that Alison girl by 5 minutes, Alisson is actually a girl who has introduced you to the best friends you have ever had in your life, Episode: Pretty Little Liars guide will help you from now on with all your life time decisions in the game, and as you are going out to meet her lets start with the in game customization, which can be clearly edit later or get Episode: Pretty Little Liars Hack for better game customization over all.



Pretty Little Liars Tips


Scary Sound System Experience!

Be aware that that Pretty Little Liars is best experienced with sounds on! And it has many mysterious sounds and difficult decisions that will determine your fate at the game, plus the game is actually well written so make sure you are reading the dialogues carefully with caution.

Create Your Own Character.

Enter a name for your character at the start, and now let’s get ready with the several customization options the game is getting to offer to you, The Skin Tone can have changed depending on your per fence, either fair, Peach, Tan, Caramel, Toffee, or Mocha, and once you are done press on the “This looks good!” button. Moving to the hair and the given options such as: Straight medium, Beach wave, punk pixie, short pixie, hair flip, high ponytail, or classic bob, you can be changing the hair color as well. Read the Episode: Pretty Little Liars tips to be able to define the best out of these given options to get a great result at the end, but once you are done with the all customization thing, head right into Episode: Pretty Little Liars cheats for

Use Episode: Pretty Little Liars Hack to Unlock Extra Game Features.

Once you are ready to enter the world and go outside, remember that, this is just a fresh start for you, so keep away your secrets do not tell anyone about them, so prepare yourself to meet up with Allison and grow up your friendship with her, as Allison will start offering you to wear fancy cloths to go out with her at the party tonight, so the game will offer you 15 gems to try to impress ale’s friends and get closer towards uncovering rosewood`s secrets, so for more gems, you shall be seeking the Episode: Pretty Little Liars cheats without any precaution.

Something Weird Has Happened!

And as the night falls, you should be there at ale’s apartment, so let’s try out some new outfits, they are hanging up on the closet door over there, so make sure you are heading to the party location while it is dry, and before the storm kicks in. and as the girls are waiting for you to arrive at the party locations a mysterious light strike will hit the generator and the lights will go off. And for extra game information and advanced game options get Episode: Pretty Little Liars cheats and enjoy the gifted gems.


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