Endless Ducker Cheats “Remove Ads” and Gameplay Tips

Endless Ducker Cheats “Remove Ads” and Gameplay Tips

If you are a big fan of temple run game and subway then you will defiantly like this running arcade game that is all about concentration and few controls are being used there in this game, Endless ducker Cheats is a simple game using a simple character called Cody he is tall and sometimes he forgets to duck and run into things which you will have to fix.


You start the game with Cody running slowly and there is a tutorial at the begging that guides you through and trying to show how to avoid things and when to jump over it or duck it, then you move to the next part of the missions that you are supposed to complete, there are two types of missions daily and monthly, followed by the power ups guide everything will be explained in details later do not worry.

You will get to pass through many fields and maps during running with Cody you will experience something great about this game sometimes you will run into kitchens, football pitch, airport, a jungle.

Avoid The Obstacles and become the best runner!

As long as you keep running you will get challenged with different types of obstacles that will try to stop you from going further in Endless Ducker, all you have to do is to concentrate as much as you can since sometimes the obstacles are hard to understand how to avoid you need to know the weak points on the upcoming obstacle so you make the decision whether you jump over it or duck under it one miss click and you are done.

Challenge your friends!

In Endless Ducker you will get the opportunity to challenge your friends and show them who is the best your scores gets updated regularly to the leaderboards there are two types of leaderboards first one is local one that makes the completion between you and your friends hot, the second one is the overall leaderboard that is based on the word wide ranking that is where the top tier players compete so train hard and become one of the best duckers out there.


Experience outstanding visuals!

The further you run in endless Ducker you will get to see different views and that is playing a big role in the game having the wrong fields of running or wrong places will turn you off, so I can cheer up for the game developers for making the right decision about choosing the running fields and designing the obstacles perfectly, moving to the second part of the sound effects they are a top notch you will have to keep your headset on since you will be continuously enjoying the soundtrack of the game they have implemented in once you duck or jump or even crash into the obstacle you will hear the suitable sounds not very loud to turn you off and not too over expressing just the right choice.

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