DrawRace 3 Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies “FREE CASH”

DrawRace 3 Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies “FREE CASH”

DrawRace 3 Cheats Will Generate Free Cash with a simple click.

This is a masterpiece created by the giant gaming company “Ubisoft” start racing in a unique style of its own, join new clubs and start trading car parts, have discussions on how to improve your ride with other experience players all over the world, download the game right away on your device, it works perfectly on both platforms, Android and IOS, and it is free, Keep reading our article for DrawRace 3 Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies which going to adjust your thinking while playing this game.

Learn The Game Basics!

Before getting behind the wheel, please confirm the following terms and conditions, and now welcome to Drawrace 3, driver! If you want to become a racer, let’s start with some qualifying races, follow the chevrons to get the best racing line, start trying to draw with your finger on the screen over the given chevrons, that is just a tutorial at the begging to help you to understand the game mechanism and how it works, if you want extra DrawRace 3 tips keep reading our article, and now after you are down with the first given task, try to get the best lap time to win the race, there is a lap counter on the top of the screen, letting you know how many laps left until the race is over, the better ride you got the faster you will be reaching the line so purchase new ride by using DrawRace 3 cheats.

Outstanding Control over The Game!

The game allows you to take control over either switching the game sounds and music on or off, also you can enable or disable the game notifications depending on your preference and how much you are attached to the game, most people get addicted to the game and keep it turned on to stay in tough and never miss something happening in the game, you can also change the speed meter from KPH to MPH depending on where you live  and what you are used to, Ubisoft has done a great job here at this part trying to satisfy its customers as much as it can, remember that we are also trying to the same thing by creating DrawRace 3 hack to help you with generating cash to help you with the game progression.


Receive Awesome Rewards After Each Race You Win.

Once you are done and won a race, you will be receiving very generous rewards in return, and remember it is all about having the fastest lap among the other racers, time is everything in this game, you will be receiving at the first qualifying race a rookie container, and some cash to help you with upgrading and purchasing new rides, we will be covering the upgrade part later on our DrawRace 3 guide.

Accelerate Towards the Finish Line!

Talking about the game controls is kind of hard at this game, it is very realistic and it is just a mirror of what happens in real life, you will be finding the accelerating pedal on the right bottom corner, make sure you are pressing on it at the right time there is no need to have a very high speed without control over your car, and pay attention to the turns on the map, you will need to slow down before taking a turn in order to avoid any crash or loss over the control of your car, to slow down press on the brakes pedal on the opposite side of the accelerating pedal, do not use it way too often, good drivers are not abusers of the brakes pedal since it will slow you down and give the lead to their other players, there is a speed meter above your car, it will indicate to you how fast you are moving, try to stay on the drawn line as much as possible since this is the optimum road for you, remember that our DrawRace 3 hack is available to use to help you to get better ride to have better control over it during the races.


Use DrawRace 3 Hack to Purchase New Car Upgrades.

Opening the rookie boxes will give you random items, including car parts upgrades, cash, sometimes you will get tor receive a brand new car as well but that is rare and doesn’t happen frequently in the game, but still you can purchase whatever you want by using our DrawRace 3 cheats.

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