Dragonstone guilds & heroes Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Dragonstone guilds & heroes Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Go for Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes Cheats Right Before Anyone to receive Free Resoruces Without a Limit!

Recruit Heroes to add them to your team and start exploring the world vastly, and upgrade them in order to be able to survive the heat of the real time pvping system that was implemented into the game later this fall, use the Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes cheats to increase the amounts of resources you got and never worry about anything else.

This game was created and developed by “Ember Entertainment” studio and it is available for the download for free at the Android and IOS Stores.

Follow The Game Tutorial Step by Step.

Now the citizens of the city are seeking your help, since the barracks is on fire and the rangers are stuck inside, they need someone to save them and get them out of this hell place, this is going to be your first mission ever at the game, so get ready to learn many information about the control and gameplay overall, keep reading the Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes guide to save yourself the effort and be able to skip the tutorial part.

Keep Your Eyes On the Special Abilities Powers.

Now let’s move the attacking part and how to perform strong and normal attacks upon your enemies, now for the normal attack start tapping on the enemy you want to target, and since this is a turn based game, you will have to wait until the enemies finish their turn before you can be able to attack them again, also pay attention to the upcoming information because each hero has a special ability which can be consumed once every a while because it goes into cool down, use the Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes cheats so you could be having the right amount of resources which would simply allow you to purchase upgrades and improvements to your heroes.

Use The Abilities Wisely to Dodge the Cool Down Issue.

Just keep in mind that all the albites you have will go on cool down period as soon as you execute them, so using them wisely is such an important thing because when you need them the most you will not be able to find them, and now let’s provide you with some Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes tips about the special abilities with details.

Famine Blade: attacks twice dealing damage equal to 150% ability power to the firs target and 75% to the second. Each attack has a 50% chance to disease the target for 2 turns, and the disease works as a damage dealer over the time so the target will keep losing points of his own hit points throughout the different stages of the game.

Use Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes Hack as You Advance in Level to purchase Latest Unlocked Features.

After completing each mission, you will be receiving a report about the performance at the mission and also experience points, if you are new to RPG games then you must understand how important the experience points are to your journey in the game. The higher the experience points you getting are the faster you will be able to precede to the next level, and each level comes with its own challenges and more features will be unlocked.

Since you are a big user of the Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes hack then you shall be having the required resources to purchase all the latest unlocked features of the game once you level up at the game.

Add The Heroes to Your Party.

The game allows you to choose your hero that you want to add to your party, and this party shall become your army number one that is going to take battles and fights for you, keep your eyes o the stats of each hero you picking in order to know if he is strong enough for the challenge or not, the most important stats that must be strong enough, the health points alongside the physical defense, so you would know how long he would be lasting in battles against the physical attackers.

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