Dragon Robot Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Dragon Robot Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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A monster that has been held as a prisoner for years has finally escaped his cell and ready to bring chaos and blaze out the entire world, play with the angry dragon and start roaming in the street to smash and destroy everything that comes right in front of you, use the Dragon Robot cheats as well to improve your powers and remove the in game ads forever without having to worry about them coming back.

Dragon Robot was created and published by “Naxeex Corp” and it is available to be downloaded on IOS and Android platforms.

Outstanding Visuals and Effects.

Getting into the settings to modify them the way your device and playing style matches up is considered to be a good start at the first opening scenes, and to mention the quality of the graphics and how it has a major effect on the gaming quality, overall we could be considering the graphics to be very decent but that is coming back to the hardware specifications and how can they handle the high quality graphics, so make sure you are choosing between longer battery life and low quality graphics or low battery life with outstanding visuals and effects, the decision is yours and I guess we have filled covered this part for you in our Dragon Robot guide.

Control Your Level of Difficulty.

well we are not done yet with modifying the game settings to suit our playing mode, let’s take a look at the training option, actually this feature was created especially for the new players whom are not used to such games by any means so they have added the tutorial but in another naming form which is training, if you have read our Dragon Robot tips you could be already turning the tutorial off because it will be adding nothing to you but if you have skipped most of the article here then it is totally recommended for you to keep it on and follow it closely, one last thing to mention here is the controlling section over the traffic density, the traffic is the more like the difficulty level so control it wisely.

Simplified Controls with Ease of Use.

Getting to the Controls part and how things work inside, at the left bottom corner there will be a joystick that you can use it to move round or maybe even look around you and explore new areas, another usage for the joystick is aiming at the targets you wish to destroy, and once your crosshair right on point lets shoot by tapping on the bottom on the bottom right corner, and one more thing to mention is the jumping button, so keep holding it as your robot will jump up so high. one last part at the controls here is the sprinting and this can be activated for only a short period of time as it will make you exhausted much faster.

The Higher Your Heat Level the More Fun the Game Will Get.

The game creators have taken this heat level from the famous GTA series as it will be indicated in the stars as well and the more stars you have means the more cops will be after you and on the chase, so getting the Dragon Robot cheats would be good idea to be able to handle all these cops without troubles.

Go for Dragon Robot Hack to Remove the Ads.

Your character will start to get stronger as you advance up in the level, so check up on the quest panel to see what are you supposed to do as every single mission you completing successfully will be rewarding you with experience points which are the main reason behind you advancing in the level and also earning skill points, in case you do not know what are the skill points then you should be knowing that upgrading your skills and powers can only be done through this, use Dragon Robot hack to remove the ads entirely from the game.

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