DOFUS Pets Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

DOFUS Pets Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Receiving Them Gems Is Something Very Critical, That IS Why You Should Start using DOFUS Pets Cheats to Get These Gems in Enormous Numbers for Free!

Become the assistant of the great Otami, join him on his journey of creating life and brining new creatures into the wild, become one of the greatest pet keepers out there and advance forward by making them grow and gain higher skills and powers, get help from DOFUS Pets cheats.

DOFUS Pets was created and published by “ANKAMA GAMES” company and it is available on Android and IOS platforms.

Quick Info.

The game begins by giving you a prompt to either create an account or use an already created one, and these two options are available for you to choose from as they will provide you with higher security levels and better ways to approach the game, it will simply save all your progression to these accounts which means no matter what happens to the physical device of yours, such as the hard disk or the mobile itself, your data is safe and secure.

If you do not wish to share any of your personal information with the game and would love to keep everything limited to the game, then take a look over the guest mode which was created originally for the players whom are seeking the privacy, learn more by reading DOFUS Pets guide.


Hello, this is otomai, one of the most famous alchemists in the world of twelve, at the moment he is working on some truly fascinating experiments, he is creating something called LIFE!

You should not panic or lose your mind after hearing such a thing, he didn’t say that he has created it already but he is just seeking and working on it, and there is a huge difference since the game is not trying to go into any sort of a conflict with other religions.



Select The Right Egg.

Look at this egg inside is one of the creatures that he has created so far, but after conducting so many experiments he is starting to have quite a few and he doesn’t have enough time to take care of all of them so it would be really smart idea if you decide to join in and help him with taking care of his creatures and take your pick!

Choose between three different eggs, the blue, green and red one, we can suggest you to go for the blue one as this is his own favorite creature so far, find more interesting DOFUS Pets tips mentioned over here.

Hatch Your First Pet.

Tap on the egg that you have just received with your finder to discover your new companion, and this is how you will get it to hatch out.

Fantastic you are now the proud parent of a cute little Boon, but you have to give it a name what do you want to call it?

Make sure that the name you are choosing is very short as possible and doesn’t include any sort of swearing words, and with DOFUS Pets cheats we are expecting that you will be able to take good care of him.

Upgrade Your Boons with DOFUS Pets Hack Easily!

Let’s teach you exactly how to take care of your first Boon, take a look over these gauges, as each one of them is representing one of your pet states, they let you be sure that everything is its place and going well. The most important one of them is the life gauge, as it will tell you about its overall health and how he is feeling currently.

They Jay gauge tells you if its happy or not, and the appetite gauge which is coming in green color is responsible on telling you if the pet needs to be fed or not, but with the DOFUS Pets hack you will be able to cover up all the parts of your pet.

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