Dirt Xtreme Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips to Precious Strategies

Dirt Xtreme Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips to Precious Strategies

The Dirt Xtreme Cheats To Get Yourself Unlimited Amount Of Gears!

This is a racing game, it was created and published by “Deemedya m.s. Ltd” , the game was released on 3 January, 2017. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to prove your skills among the different players from all over the world, and also with the extra help from the Dirt Xtreme cheats you will be having all the fuels you need to use the nitrous whenever you want, Feel free to keep yourself updated with there Facebook Page.

Learn The Game Basics From The First Tutorial!

There is no time to explain, just ride ahead! Just learn how to drive your bike, and start racing against real different players from all over the world, and by racing real rivals and winning these races, you are going to be rewarded with different valuable prizes, but consider that every track has too many hills to be dodged so you need to drive wisely to become the first one to reach the end, and with the help of the Dirt Xtreme hack you will unlock too many options to use in every race, after the first tutorial you will be able to start your career.

Game Controls!

In order to understand how the game controls just make sure to read our Dirt Xtreme tips we are going to mentions here in this topic, ok let’s get back to business if you want to the bike to tilt back just touch on the left of the screen, if you want your bike to tilt forwards with just one simple touch on the right of the screen, if you want to use the turbo to increase your speed all you need to do is to swipe up, with these easy controls and some skills you are going to prove that you are the best in this sport, and with the usage of the Dirt Xtreme cheats you are going to get a lot of gears to protect yourself.


Customize Your Character With The Different Outfits!

The game provide you with too many outfits to choose from to look amazing and to let the others fear you from your look, the game has different outfits, choose wisely the outfit that will suit you the most, you can also choose the colors you like to show you are also dominating with your style, and after reading our Dirt Xtreme guide you will learn about how to get such outfits.

Use The Garage To Get Yourself The Different Bikes!

Garage will be finally unlock after finishing the tutorials the game providing you with to understand the game, now enter it to upgrade, buy and customize your bikes, ok now it’s the right time to start upgrading your bike by installing new materials in it. Indicators mark the bike part in which the materials can be installed, after checking you will notice that the indicator marks an available upgrade, so after upgrading the engine your bike will have more power and you can start taking it in new horizons! Oh don’t think the engine will be the only material to be upgraded, no there are other materials will need to be upgraded as well such as the wheels, the suspension and finally the style of your bike, but to upgrade such things you will need a lot of cash to gears to be spent on these materials and by getting the Dirt Xtreme hack you will have the enough gears to use them in the right way.


Start Putting Your Hands On The Dirt Xtreme Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you are running out of time, and you can’t wait for your nitrous bar to be regenerated again, you can use that to refuel that bar as fast as possible, and also will provide you with an unlimited amount of fuels to be used in the different races.

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