Despicable Bear Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Despicable Bear Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Despicable Bear Cheats & The Journey To Get Free Gems.

Despicable Bear was released on 21 December 2016, the game was created and developed by Playgendary.

Despicable Bear is now available for free to download through the Appstore for all the IOS devices the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the game is available for the firmware of version 8.0, however there are in app purchases which you can buy them for real money such as you can get gems and gold coins in Despicable Bear without the need to purchase them from the store using the Despicable Bear hack now, so relief your mind and save your money.

Access the Firearms for more power.

Play more to get access to the firearms category as it contains so much and verity of deadly weapons, like the first weapon that you will find there which is the Beretta, then for the second item which is the AK47 which is the most common Russian weapon of all time, then for the third weapon which is called the spas twelve, which you can get and unlock for 1,000 gold coins, then comes the flamethrower which is a destructive weapon for sure and you can unlock it using ten different fragments, then it is the time for the bazooka which is like an RPG and you can now unlock it using 1,000 gold coins, however you can get this huge amount of gold coins needed for the purchasing of all these weapons using the Despicable Bear cheats and you will save a lot of money indeed, then last but not least there is the secret item, but in order to unlock it you will need a purple ticket to be able to do that.



Despicable Bear’s important warning!

When you first start the game for the first time at your device, the Despicable Bear tips will send you a warning which is kind of a joke actually, which it says that the game stunts performed by a professional bear, so don’t try to attempt any of the stunts you are about to see, so the bear can, you can not.



Do not forget about the most destructive items here which are the Explosives.

The Despicable Bear Guide will recommend you to purchase explosives to make your game so much easier than it was before, as you can get access to the explosives section, and the first item there is the F1 Grenade which you can get it for only 500 gold coins, then you will need the fuel tank which is actually the second item there and you can get it by collecting ten fragments, or you can use the land mines which is the option number three, or you could just save the time and get the Molotov cocktail for 1500 gold coins each, in order to get all those amount of gold, you will definitely have to use the Despicable Bear hack, then last but not least there is also a secret item there that you will need the purple ticket to unlock it.


Use Despicable Bear hack to get free and bonus gold coins for purchasing new and deadly weapons.

Try to access the Despicable Bear store to get new items like the cold weapons category which contains cold fighting weapons like the police baton which is the man weapon for the police men, then you have the mace which hurts for sure, then for the third item you have the shuriken which you have to be a professional killer to use them, then for the fourth item here is the Mjolnir, then there is the bow which is pretty fun actually and last but not least the best items in this category is the buzz saw which is the coolest item here in this category, remember that you can get all of those items using the Despicable Bear cheats for sure and also for free.


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