Design Home: Game Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips “Free Diamonds”

Design Home: Game Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips “Free Diamonds”

Take The Shortest Path to The in Game Diamonds by Using Design Home Cheats Free of Charge.

Design Your house starting from the floor carpet ending with the walls painting and accessories, post your work online and enter some completions and wait for other players to vote for you,

Make sure you are making the best house decoration out there with the help of the diamonds that can be found at Design Home Cheats for free. This game was created and published by “Crowd star Inc.”, and it is available for free on both platforms Android and IOS.


Your House, Your Rules!

This is just a very simple and addictive game, it is not meant for everyone out there, actually this game was created specially to target a certain type of people who likes to adjust and play around with the house decoration,  and if you ever felt like you have done something that is worth sharing, then do not hesitate for a second and publish it to you Facebook and Pinterest accounts, receive your friends onions of what you have done they could actually be using these ideas into their houses and help a family to start and get what they want without having to pay any extra charges, and now let me  give you  a quick story over the upcoming live completion, rows of brightly-colored flowers flank a wide stone walkaway that leads up to this southern colonial estate in locust grove, Georgia.


The wide veranda on two sides of the house offers ample space for comfortable seating and gracious entertaining day or night. Natural light from the tall windows creates a gallery setting for a unique personal combination of classic and modern décor. Style a cozy living room with shabby chic touches for this charming estate in locust grove, Georgia, and you will be needing many valuable items that’s where you can find the diamonds to purchase these items, get Design Home Cheats for free now before anyone else.

Your Guide to Play the Game!

This is your how to play the game: there are many new design challenges waiting for you every day, so now let’s start decorating the house! Fill this room at the start with furniture and décor, and each item you will be choosing will be added to your inventory, there are dots on the different locations of the room, they are split into two colors blue or purple, the blue dots are the required items to be placed in this certain location, the purple one are for the optional items, so tap on the furniture icon above to proceed, so let’s add a Sofa, coffee table and put some table art above it to make it look ready and good.



Do not forget the lighting it is one of the most crucial parts of the house, you do not want to see your room becoming so dark once the night falls upon you with the guests, so start placing lamps around the corners of the room to light it out perfectly, and now the last part we got here at the first room is adding some floor carpet, choose carefully from the offered carpets to make sure that is suiting up and matching the rest of the room decoration, and now if you are satisfied with your design press on the word Submit, and there will be the event details description written below, read the Design Home tips to know exactly what you going to use in the mission of decorating your own place, and now with the event description: classic brownstone row houses define the look of many sought-after new York city neighborhood.
From Brooklyn to the upper west side of Manhattan, style a fresh and modern living room for this classic NYC home, enter your nickname so this art would be saved under your category and can be easily accessed whenever wanted, but of course in order to get whatever you want to be able to customize and decorate the house the way you want, you should be getting Diamonds which are found by using Design Home Hack for free, without any extra charges applied.


The Free Keys Can Be Found by Using Design Home Hack!

Use the cash, Keys, And Diamonds to be able to purchase new premium items to be added into your inventory, and  in order to get all of the above for free, simply get yourself a copy of Design Home cheats for free, now cash is actually used to get furniture and décor, earn extra cash by entering challenges, and for the keys, they work as your challenge applying ticket, you can increase them by voting on other decorations, and for the diamonds, they can be getting you all the latest premium things, or can be converted as a diamond to cash or keys, win diamonds as prizes, or purchase them from the store, and as we have mentioned above they can be obtained for free and much easier by Design Home Hack.


Join Live Challenges and Vote for Other Players.

So the voting contest in the game works differently, like you will get your screen split into two rooms, and you get to choose which one you like most, and one that receives more votes and likes will be the winner, and you will be earning extra keys in return, you can vote only 5 times for a certain period of time. After you have consumed your 5 keys I guess sit is the time to get back to the designing stage, and since the designer challenges are the heart of design home, enter now your first live challenge by tapping on the button at the bottom of the screen, and for dominance of the game live challenges mode, go for Design Home Cheats, to be able to get the required diamonds to purchase the decoration you want without any limit.

Share Your Results All Through the Social Media Accounts!

At the first glance of the game, you will be asked to log in with your Facebook account, signing in will allow you to play on multiple devices, since all your data will be synced to this account, so wherever you want to access the game and start playing it, your data shall be waiting for you to get grabbed, or you can just ignore this option and join the game with just a normal account, and now go for the diamonds and forget about the rewards, use Design Home Cheats without any charges applied and enjoy the better gaming experience.



Use Keys to Enter New Challenges.

Making new memories, the even details: cost is like 15 keys, and you will earn 2.500 cash.

They were finally able to move into the modern chateau-inspired house and begin growing their family. Because they planned to live here for quite a while they wanted comfortable décor that complemented the storm could blue walls and dark oak flooring. Style a contemporary living room for this estate in Alexandria, Virginal. There are tons of items to choose from at the game market, at the first mission each item you have used there will be added to your inventory for free, so if actually worrying about spending way too much of money on the next challenge you are entering. You will have two options either the easy and fast one which is getting Design Home Hack, or choose carefully which items you going to use at the start and read our Design Home Guide Carefully to pay attention to everything we have mentioned over here to dodge the same mistakes that any beginner could fall into.


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