Dead Island Survivors Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies [Free Gems]

Dead Island Survivors Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies [Free Gems]

Dead Island Survivors Cheats for unlimited Numbers of Gems!

Survive on the beautiful island from the continuous zombie’s attack on you, start constructing defenses and meet new survivors on the island to add them to your team and start defending each other using all the available resources, this game is available on the android and IOS platforms, and it was published by “Fishlabs”, make sure you are reading our Dead Island Survivors Guide.


Survive Hell On This Island!

This island is the perfect staging area to take back archipelago, you will set up trap protected camps on each island, one by one, join the two girls in a journey of securing the camps and islands one after the other, upgrade your traps defense system and learn new techniques of fighting, you can also purchase new weapons for yourself to increase your damage output to the zombies, start using the Dead Island Survivors hack to obtain free gems, which would come in handy to help you to purchase new weapons and improve the defenses.


Understand The Zombies Nature!

There are many types of zombies to kill in this game, the worst one is the big green one, his puke is toxic and could deal damage to you that would last for a period of time, you can notice that he is going to puke, and for more free Dead Island Survivors tips keep reading this article, you can also pay it forward, calling a companion for help during a mission gives rewards to their owner, and if your finger hurting you, do not tap way too often on the zombie or you will interrupt your combos, be noted that zombies are dumb, they will beeline for survivors, use barricades to divert them and let your defenses do the other job, do not forget using the Dead Island Survivors Cheats in order to get the gems, that you will be using to improve the defenses.


Combat System!

Tapping on a zombie will a result an automated attack, and that is the first thing you will learn at the start of the game, swiping on the screen will execute a special attack on the zombie,  but watch out since swipe attacks needs to recharge, have a look at the indicator to see if it is ready to use again, and of course the special attacks will deal much higher damage than the normal ones so use it wisely, meanwhile you are wandering around and killing zombies, you will get to meet a professional zombie killer, and she will introduce you to her home, she has got some barracks and walls to keep zombies off, and she also has got some traps but zombies still find a way to get in, start defending the camp against the zombies with the help from the defenses, you can decide either to enter the fight by yourself and engage with the zombies or let the defenses keep attacking them and killing them on their way to you, be noted that using Dead island Survivors hack will make every upgrade and mission at this game easier.

Start Using Dead Island Survivors Hack to Unlock Awesome Features!

The game has very nice music and sound effects after each attack and battle you enter, you can also start recording your gameplay with a unique feature of its own, but be careful since recording the game play will require big free space on your device, so watch out before turning it on because it is tricky.

Construct Defenses!

Start upgrading your boat defense in order to be able to while stand the continuous attacks from the zombie’s hordes, focus your efforts around the red paths which are given by the game at the tutorial, since the zombies often take these routes when they are attacking, now start deploying cannons and build barricades, and of course constructing such buildings will come at a cost, so using the Dead Island Survivors cheats will provide you with the required amount of gems.

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