Dawn of Titans Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies

Dawn of Titans Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies

Dawn of Titans Cheats to Get Free Gems!

Create your own army  and invite your friends to join the adventure of chasing and stopping the furious titans from bringing hell on this world, gather up your arms and forge weapons, and setup your strategies at the battles, start downloading the game now to become the glorious hero who will succeeded to stop the titans, so do not forget to read the whole article to benefit from the free Dawn of Titans tips we are providing, the game is available to be downloaded on the Android And IOS stores for free, it’s great to mention that it’s developed by NaturalMotionGames Ltd.

Destroy The Evil Titans!

The huge titans were disappeared long time ago, and the world was living in peace, but somehow they are back again to bring chaos and destruction to the world, they are being controlled and used to serve the evil side purposes, someone needs to stop them from burning down villages and destroying the castles, it is clear now that you have to put an end to such a misery, get ready to raise an army to secure and defend your castle and people for now and once you are strong enough get ready to take out the root of the titans, make sure you are using our Dawn of Titans hack to generate the required gems to purchase the latest gears available.

Very Flowed Controls!

The game controlling mechanism is so simple for any beginner, since there will be a quick tutorial to help you out to understand the game basics, even the combat system is not that complicated, start giving specific orders to your troops during the battle and they will automatically perform attacks on the opponents army, the game is offering you the opportunity to bring your military experience and strategies to the battle field, before getting into any battle should have everything  ready, and the main reasons that will win you battles and wars is how strong your army is, make sure you are purchasing the latest upgrades and improving your army regular, and to make things easier, use our Dawn of Titans Cheats for Receiving Free Gems.

Upgrade Your Castle!

As we mentioned above, upgrading your castle is such an important thing to do at this game, since your starting castle is supposed to become the main ruling center of the new world after you defeat out the titans, so you need to have everything right on point, and now use the Dawn of Titans Cheats to be able to afford the cost of the following upgrades that we are going to explain everything with details.

1-TheCastle: and it’s the heart of your kingdom, and the more upgrades to your castle the more buildings you are going to start constructing!

2-TheTemple: that’s needed to summon and upgrade all the titans you have1

3-Farms: to provide enough food for your kingdom and every time you upgrade it, the food production will increase!

4-Barracks: Staring Training your troops in here and upgrading it will allow you more units to train!

5-ArmyCamps: Keep holding your warriors and troops ready for the upcoming battles, upgrading it will increase the maximum size of your army!

Start Inviting Your Friends to Join The Adventure With You!

Invite your friends to join your war against the titans and start brain storming together to come up with stages and plans to rule out the entire world, you can form alliances and make treaties in this game, and you can also use the chatting option that was implemented into the game earlier this month to help you to communicate with each other during the battles, and of course you are gung it beat them out in any challenge since you are using our Dawn of Titans hack to obtain unlimited amount of gems.


Do Not Forget Your Daily Reward And Use The Dawn of Titans Hack For Extra Gems!

Remember to opening the game every day in order to receive your daily rewards, which will come in handy to help you with the game upgrades and improvements, and stay online to join the events which are held by the game masters, they are mostly active and occurring all the time, you will find the events types explained right here in our Dawn of Titans guide.


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