Crossword Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Crossword Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

By using the Crossword cheats, you can get free gold coins that is needed to get help when you are stuck.

Crossword is released on 13 July 2017, as the game was created and offered by Word Crossy.

Crossword is now available free to download on all the Android devices starting from the firmware of 4.0.3 and higher, the game is also available for the Apple devices starting from IOS 8.0 and higher, however the game contain in game purchases but you can avoid that by using the Crossword cheats to get all the gold coins needed in the game.


Simple request from Crossword, to be able to use photos in the game!

At the time when you run the game for the first time on your mobile device, the Crossword guide will ask you gently to simply allow Crossword to get the access to the photos, media and files on your device, so if you agree to these terms, just tap on the allow button to proceed and start the game.


The levels are named by towns and countries!

The levels here in Crossword, they are named by the great nations of the globe, as the first chapter that you will play in it is called USA, then each of these countries contains levels which are towns in the same country, as in the first page which is USA, you will find the levels are named Houston, Alaska, Chicago, New York, then last but not least you have Washington for the fifth level, then the next page you will find another great country which is Germany, then there is France, and for the fourth country you will find Portugal, after that comes Spain and last but not least you will find Italy.



Swipe to build a valid word from the random letters.

When you start your first level at Crossword, the Crossword tips will tell you how to play the game, as you will find three random letters, and your job here is to swipe these letters to build a valid word.

If you find yourself stuck and you can not find the correct word, feel free to use the extra help, as you can shuffle or hint, however you can purchase them from the game store or you can simply get your hands on the Crossword cheats and get free gold coins to get the shuffles and the hints as many as you like.

As you move forward with the game, the letters will increase from three letters to become four letters, as the game will get harder and harder as the time passes, then instead of four letters you will get five letters, so try to save a lot of gold coins to be able to use the shuffles and the hints, as you will need them the most at these levels.


A fast game that will kill your time.

Easy and fast game to play, it is suitable for killing the time, as the time will passes by and you will not feel it, if of course you are good in the game, however the game is very easy as it is rated only for three plus, so the game is safe for your children to play, but be careful as Crossword contains in game purchases that you can get gold coins for real money to buy shuffles and hints, so be careful when your mobile device is with one of your children.


Use the Crossword hack to get free shuffles and hints!

One of the pros of the game is that there is no settings in the game, so you can play just by tapping on the city, just the main menu you can either mute the soundtracks or the sound effects or you can just mute them both in you want to place in silence, as you can access the game shop also from the same menu, and last but not least you can join the Facebook page.

With the help of the Crossword hack, you can get free hints and shuffles when you are stuck and your mind is boiling.

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