Crime Files Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips “UNIQUE STRATEGIES”

Crime Files Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips “UNIQUE STRATEGIES”

Crime Files Cheats to get free more energy points to play the game whenever you want!

Crime Files is released on 19 December 2016, and Crime Files was created and developed by Terran Droid.

The game is available now for free to download through Google Play but you must have a firmware of 2.1 and up in order to run Crime Files.

Crime Files is also available for all the IOS devices through the Appstore for free, however there are in app purchases that you can pay for real money but you can always choose the easy way and use the Crime Files cheats to get more energy points as each level will take 20 energy points so you have to purchase for more or just use the Crime Files Hack.


Great introduction.

When you first start the game, you will be amazed by the perfect music and the soundtracks that is in the game, with an amazing background at the home page as you can tap the play button located in the middle of your device’s screen or you can just tap the more games button which is beneath the previous button to find and play more games from the creators and the developers of Crime Files.


Try to escape and get rid of the hand cuffs and free the lady!

You start the game be hearing a female voice saying “Detective, hey detective, are you alright? Oh, thank god you are awake!

So the Crime Files tips will be there to help you with cutting the robe that was around your body with a cutter blade with is near you so just reach the blade and start cutting the robe to fee yourself, then you must reach the briefcase to be able to cut the hand cuffs that is holding your leg with a concrete column to cut the hand cuffs by this tool, just grab it and then tap on the hand cuffs to free yourself then free the female with you, she will say “you saved our lives”, then the Crime Files guide will ask you gently to write down your name, then you will wake up realizing that this was just a bad dream!


Investigate smartly the murder case.

The Lieutenant Jenkins will come and say to you “wake up rookie, we received a report, a murder just happened in Theater District, get the job done now!”

So now you have to begin your level two in Crime Files which is called Investigate after the first one which is called the Hangar crisis which was a dream eventually.


Keep your eyes open!

when you tap investigate and start the next level Crime Files will deduce 20 energy points from a total of 100 so feel free to use the Crime Files Cheats to get more energy points to play more, then let us see what you have got here in the crime scene, then detective Turner will say “, they are both local councilors, so let us better get started, investigate the crime scene and keep your eyes open, and do not miss any clues”.


Easy and flawless game controls!

The easiest game conrols ever as you swipe your finger across the screen to look around you, just tap on any item to be able to access it and use it or to collect it as an evidence or just use it, do not forget to hit the hints which shaped like book button which is located at the bottom right corner of the screen as it will tell you what to look for in this big crime scene and it will guide you to the right item and the right evidence as will to keep progressing the game, you can get hints through the Crime Files cheats for free now.


Use Crime Files hack to get free hints to help you through your murder case!

Access the store of the Crime Files now and use it to purchase more hints as you will need them when the three hints that you begin with finishes, purchase them for real money if you can not find your next move or you can just choose the easy way and use the Crime Files hack to get all the hints you will need for free.

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