Cooking Queen Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Cooking Queen Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Receive Them Gems Freely with The Cooking Queen Restaurant Rush Cheats!

Start your own restaurant and become everything there as you will be in charge of it, if your dream job was to open a restaurant and work right from the bottom until you reach the highest stage ever possible, then this game would be a perfect fit for you, get Cooking Queen Restaurant Rush cheats to reach your dream much easier.

Cooking Queen Restaurant Rush was created and published by “Flowmotion Entertianment” company and it is available freely to be downloaded or played on any device that is running the Android or IOS operating systems.


This restaurant now belongs to you, it is time to go realize your dream and actually establish a solid background for you, start you dream right with your best friend and move from the bottom to the top step by step, and to make your path much easier it is advised to read our Cooking Queen Restaurant Rush guide carefully and do not distract yourself with any pointless reviews.

Be the boss, the chef, and the waiter as you take charge of your dream restaurant, strive for great cooking and excellent service to make your restaurant the most successful one around, your unforgettable culinary gaming experience starts here!

Follow Jessie Instructions and Tips.

This is Jessie and today is the first day of business for the restaurant the hard work starts right here so we must be ready for the customers and deliver the optimal service that we could possibly deliver, oh look your first customer has managed to enter the resultant successfully, so this will be your first test on how to treat your customers and provide them with the right care and service that they deserve.

This customer wants a fried egg and it just so happens as you have already made one, so tap over the plate to see it, there will be a small window popping up to show you details of the customer order.



Customers First!

Choosing between declining the order of the customer and making him leave the restaurant pissed off or simply serve him with all of your powers, there will be a time limit over everything that is happening in this game, starting from the moment that the customers’ orders an order and ending up with the moment that he enjoys and eats his meal, so you need to be aware of all these timings because they are determining your performance rate on the restaurant, and follow the given Cooking Queen Restaurant Rush tips by our team for optimal results.

General methods to Increase Your Income.

Once the customer finishes his/her meal, you will be able to collect the payment, and if you have managed to serve them well then you should be expecting to collect a tip as well, so for each a successfully process with any customer there will be an increase of your cash and experience points, earn them experience points to be able to advance from on level to another smoothly, and for the cash part, then you should be getting the Cooking Queen Restaurant Rush cheats to cover up the upgrades and improvements that you will be applying in your restaurant further on.

Expand The Restaurant Service Rating and Improve It with The Cooking Queen Restaurant Rush Hack!

Your restaurant will have only one chair so this means you will be able to serve a single customer at once and nothing more that, but with the Cooking Queen Restaurant Rush hack you will manage to advance in the level very fast which will allow you to unlock new chairs step by step you will have a huge restaurant and your customers base will expand and increase rapidly

The kitchen is simply where the magic happens, so follow the cooking instructions from Mayo as she is the head chef over there, there will be new meals as well getting unlocked as you improve your ratings and skills.

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