Constantine Cheats, Hack Free Gold and Ruby

Constantine Cheats, Hack Free Gold and Ruby

Quick Game View And Free Constantine Cheats TO Get Loads Of Free Gold and Ruby!

The game is rated as one of the top 15 indie games in the festival that was held by Google, this is a new era of the swipe RPG game, with awesome graphics engine and it got the optimization that is required to make the game playable on the most devices that is active out there on the market, the game is free to download but it includes in game purchases option, it was created and developed by the famous gaming company Ntree4, it will work on your IOS or the Android Devices plain and simple, now you can get your own Constantine hack to get yourself all the Gold and Ruby you always dreamt to get and start unlocking and purchasing some new items from the game store, and this is going to help you to progress even faster through game.

Now Let’s Talk About The Game In Depth!

Once you start the game you will get to choose between 3 different playable character and each one of them has its own unique ability and powers to show off during the gameplay, the first one is the Dual Daggers one, this class is very strong at the stealth attack and knocking out the opponents without even being seen, and  the most known super ability about this class is the attacking speed and the low defense is its worst issue here, now the second class is the warrior, this character can use the huge axes, Sword And shield, and also the Dual Swords, this is a very strong character it’s well known for using mostly the huge weapons, and it has a very lethal damage but very slow attacking speed, and the armor wise it has a very good defense against melee targets, but once caught against some ranged or magical attacker you will suffer a lot, so make sure you keep your distance.

Now you need to understand that following our Constantine Cheats will bring you a new experience in the game, knowing and understanding the game mechanism and knowing which class to start with to dominate the scene, now let’s talk about the last class we have here, which is the mage, this class is well known for its high attacking damage, and great attacking animation and the variety of controlling things around it, using the nature to his side as well, but the main weakness of this class is the weak defense against any attack type, and low hit points, so you need to know when and how to attack your enemy and understand your enemy nature at the combats, hope you followed every single tip we provided in the Constantine cheats above, now let’s continue or speech about the game.


Understand Constantine Cheats And Avoid Many Obstacles!

Now once you start the game there will be some given quests at the top bar but we will come back to it, there is a Girl called Alexandra waiting for you, to introduce you to the game, so make sure you follow every single Constantine tips she is going to provide you with during the time you are going to play the game, now let me give you a quick view over the settings and game controls, at the right corner at the bottom there are some skills icons that can be replaced or expanded later on the game, you can add all the skills you want easily after you unlock them or upgrade them, we are going to cover the skills part later on the Constantine guide here, now let’s go back to the game controls, at the top bar there is the Hit points bar, which is very imprint and you need to keep any eye on it and watch it from hitting the zero because if that happens you will be dead, and of course the movement controls are located at the left corner at the bottom of the screen, it is supposed to be simple and easy to use and learn, now on the next side of the Constantine cheats we are going to explain to you how to upgrade your skills.

Use Constantine Hack And Unlock New Skills And Game Features!

Now you can see the game including the upgrading skills tree, so every single class of the game has its own skills and unique abilities, and you can also start mixing some unique skills together to get yourself a very nice combo to deal huge damage to your opponents, and do not forget to enable the auto attack mode  from the game settings menu, because aiming and targeting the monsters at these games types is very bad, so after completing some game missions that are given to you, you will get rewarded with gold coins and also there are the three stars ranking system, it will give you the three stars based on the killing count and also the time limit that has been running on the background during playing the mission , you can handle the gold coins issue by using Constantine hack and generate all the wanted Gold and Ruby easily with one click.

Upgrade Your Character!

Reading our Constantine cheats, will help you out with knowing which items to upgrade and purchase for your character first, starting from the head gear which is very important to be honest because one strong hit to your head will knock you out, so you need to cover this area carefully, so you might want to hurry up with using Constantine hack to generate all the Gold and Ruby required to purchase the upgrades!

Reach Highest Rank AT the Online Compete ions!

Once you connect to the online servers you will get the a message asking you to sign up for the monthly and daily tournaments that are held at certain times, which will require you to be online at that time to prove your worthy in a 1 versus 1 duel, make sure you are dominating the scene with your powerful gears, and we are pretty sure you are having the edge over the other players since you are reading our Constantine Cheats and having enough Gold and Ruby to purchase the strongest gears on the market!

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