Clawbert Cheats, Hack, Tips, Guide & Free Gems

Clawbert Cheats, Hack, Tips, Guide & Free Gems

Clawbert Cheats, Hack Guides and a Smooth Easy Way To Get Unlimited Free Gems in 2-3 mins maximum.

Clawbert is a lonely creature that has been suffering from being aloe without friends, but here comes your mission here and you will have to do what is necessary to get Clawbert some friends and kill his lonely less, but throughout your mission of bringing happiness and joy to Clawbert heart, you will be needing to invest some real money on the game shop in order to purchase the necessary gems and that is considered to be a waste of money to most of the gamers out there, so using the Clawbert cheats as an alternative to spending your pocket money on the game is considered to be a smart option.

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Collecting toys and rare items to fill up your collection and note that, Clawbert game can be played by any player age no matter what you are, an adult, kid, or toddler, everything inside would suit up your needs perfectly.

Clawbert was created and published by “HyperBeard Games” and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android or IOS platforms for free.

Clawbert Cheats & Game Story.

As we have stated previously that Clawbert is feeling lonely, and he is asking you gently to find him some friends as this is his main issue at the world and if he could manage to get some friends that would mean a lot to him, so let’s being this journey and search for any possible person that could become a friend at some point of the playing time, each egg that you will be catching is going to have the chance of contain a friend or the thing you are looking for but the chances are not very high that is why you cannot take it for guaranteed, let’s wait few minutes after catching it, and also remember that the waiting period can be simply eliminated forever if you used the Clawbert Cheats correctly and started to invest the coins on fasten up the hatching process.

The Game Controls Are Simple Enough for You.

In order to move the hook from the right side to the left can be only done via the joystick that is located at the middle of the screen, so start moving it around to move the hook accordingly, and once you believe that you are right above the item you want to get it caught and accomplish the mission press on the grab button that is located right behind the joystick, you have to wait for a period of to see what you have caught in the box, but now let’s kill the time and tap on the egg to fasten up the entire process, you can also find extra Clawbert tips laying around here.

at the first mission the reward is going to be the Toby who does not love a sloth named Toby?! and it has a rating that is 3 out of 4 stars, and if you think you have gotten such a rare item, then press on the “Share it now” button and share the picture of Toby all over your social media accounts related to the game, we will be coming to this part later on our Clawbert guide.

Increase The Hatching Time by Spending Coins.

Each egg can actually take up to 24 hours until it hatches out and this is a huge time frame that we cannot accept for the players to keep wasting on the waiting list that is why the Clawbert cheats was created, it will be supplying you with the necessary gems and coins to be able to hatch out any egg you desire right away by tapping on it and never worry about the cost of it.

but now let’s move to the first mission where you are supposed to collect as many eggs as possible out of tons of them but remember that the slots you have to keep the eggs at are very limited to three eggs only and only 1 is unlocked, you can be spending 20 gems to unlock new slots so you can be able to carry as many eggs as possible during the time frame given to you.

Put Double Effort to Catch the Special Eggs.

Remember that anything you will be entering such as the settings menu or the quest log, shall not be affecting the time count down system, it will just keep going down without putting in mind anything else, so stay focused to be able to hatch out the egg as soon as it is done without wasting a single second, also do not forget to increase the egg stock numbers by having Clawbert Cheats now for free.

There are some types of eggs which we call them the special ones, they are covered in unique color and having all of these special effects around them, the chance of the containing a rare item is very high so give them the highest priority when you are catching the eggs, also know that every single egg would be taking approximately 30 seconds to be completed so stay focused and get Clawbert Free Gems.

Track your Progress Through the Checklist.

The check list is located right at the left top corner of the screen, you can be finding all your goals and targets to complete in the given missions, the first mission you were supposed to collect 3 coin balls, the color of these eggs are golden and they do not give anything in return but gold coins, and another thing is to open one egg and receive the reward, the last thing is to clear out the entire machine from eggs, complete al lathe check list items to get special reward but remember you must do all of the given tasks under the time period, and if you believe that you are about to fail the mission, then tap on the reset machine button that is located at the top side of the screen right next to the countdown timer.

it is advised to complete the achievements one by one in order to receive awesome rewards which could come in a form of gems or maybe even coins, but this shouldn’t be your main goal to complete achievements as the coins and gems can be simply obtained via Clawbert hack for free, but you should be focusing on getting your skill level higher instechd.

Reset The Machine Using Clawbert Hack for Free.

Resetting the machine option that we have mentioned earlier Is not always coming for free Gems, as sometimes you will have to pay gems or coins in order to get it done, so do not forget the importance of the Clawbert Hack to be able to reset the machine freely or maybe even unlock extra slots to hatch as many eggs as possible.

now we shall be moving into the settings part, the game coming in 2 different languages only which are the Spanish and the English, choose between them by tapping on the country representing the language, also you can be turning on the notifications to keep yourself updated with the latest game news and improvements even without playing the game, the mobile will keep receiving notifications about the latest game news continuously.

and at the need be cool and like their Facebook page or give them a good rating on the stores and that is only if you have enjoyed the game, and if you didn’t like it due to any bugs or issues, then leave the game developers a comment with your issue so they could be able to fix it in the upcoming update.

All our content has been written and published by Games Park ,for more ways to contact with the game developer here is there Facebook Page & Twitter.

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