City of Love Paris Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips [Energy Trick]

City of Love Paris Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips [Energy Trick]

City of Love Paris Cheats to Get Unlimited Amount of Energy Points!

This is a simulations game, it was created and published by the famous company “Ubisoft Entertainment” the release date is 28 November, 2016. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices to live and love in the well-known city, make sure to get City of Love Paris Cheats from Here to unlimited energy you have ever wanted.

Game Play!

Alright, what we doing today?! We are in Paris, Wow! Paris really is breathtaking at this time of the year. It’s unlike anything you have seen in the states… with a little luck, you will soon be calling this place your home! So are you ready for your big interview? You will start talking to Katherine, and you will wonder because she was too late and you said! I had almost given up on you! But she will reply with sorry, I had to collect your key… two college roomies reunited at last… and in Paris! And you will answer with its beyond our wildest freshman dreams! And she is going to reply with and it will be a real breath of fresh air for you right?


Now you will need to double tap to give a reply, and the available replies are better than a concrete jungle, better than a small town, I’m sick of the nomadic life, and as an example let’s choose the third reply, after choosing it you will also say I’ve never stopped moving from pillar to post in my last job, Motels should come with major health warnings! But I only get a stay here if I get the job, remember? City of Love Paris most prestigious lifestyle magazine. And Katherine will tell you that oh, come on! Whoever turned you down for a job? Even before you graduated you got all the best internships. And now you are an award-winning investigative journalist! And wonder if you will meet city of love’s founder, and by the usage of City of Love Paris hack you can get enough points to keep playing the taking the right decisions.


Meet The Most Famous Man in Paris!

Now it’s time to meet the Paris founder, Raphael Laurent is Paris’s most famous publishing guru. Let’s now how you are going to play it when you first meet him, will you be totally natural, will you be ridiculously charming, or you will be daring? Let’s choose the second answer as an example, and the trick is to charm the socks off your interviewer…. Make them feel important and they will remember you, during the interview you will be meeting Raphael and he will start asking you some questions about you, so get ready to answer the guys and give him the perfect replies, and by putting your hands on City of Love Paris hack you can keep playing the game non-stop.

Filling The Tank of Your Energy Points!

Please be aware of that, every decision requires 20 energies. so it means that you will be needing every energy point in your pocket, so use them wisely in the right decisions, otherwise you will be wasting them, so another thing you should know you can have free energy points every day you visit the game, or you can use the City of Love Paris cheats to get a lot of energy points.


Your First Inter View!

After meeting a nice girl upon the interview, you will be asked to enter your first and last name, then your interview will start, at first she will ask you with a simple question and it’s going to be what makes you a good employee? Your answer should be one from four available answers and they are I’m crazy smart, I’m incredibly loyal, I’m ruthlessly competitive, I’m humble! Let’s go with the third answer, after choosing it, you will also keep replying her with it gives my work with an extra edge so I never come second place!  Anyway after too many questions you finally leave the interview but Louise who interviewed you will call you back later to tell you that you are not accepted to the job, but after a while Raphael will call you to ask you to meet him at some place, and in order to answer too many calls without fearing of wasting the energy you can obtain City of Love Paris cheats and the freeway is by reading City of Love Paris Tips.

Start Using City of Love Paris Hack to Unlock New Features!

If you running out of time and wants to make more decisions in less time, can’t wait to marry the women you met at the interview, by getting this you will have all the time and get all these things done in less time.


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