Choices Stories You Play Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Free Diamonds

Choices Stories You Play Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Free Diamonds

If you looking for Free Diamonds & Keys Get Choices Stories You Play Cheats Right Away!

Fall in love, meet new people, get into different situations and have the ability to choose your own future and path you taking, solve crimes and mysterious events, the game is simply fantastic, it has everything that any player would ask for in such a simulation of real life game, let’s not forget to thank the great company “Pixelberry” for producing such a great project, this game is available to download for free on both platforms IOS and Android, remember to get your version of Choices Stories You Play cheats for the free diamonds from here to be able to unlock all the game chapters and features inside.

Live the Summer Madness Experience.

We got here the Endless Summer, this is for the lovers of vacations and beach life style, adventures and romance wait in the tropical paradise of La Huerta, can you solve the island`s mysteries? Let’s see how you going to react to the different situations you are getting yourself into, this mode doesn’t ask for extra charges or anything, so get ready to become a blonde female, or dark colored one, and you got the option as well to play as a male, depending on your own preference, the game has done a great job at offering you the freedom of choosing whatever you want to play with, giving your character a name is important at this chapter of the game, you better get adapted quickly to the life on the tropical island, and enjoy the game different situation you getting yourself into.


Resume Whenever You Want!

Whenever you stop playing a certain chapter, you can simply get back to it and resume from where you stopped last time, and for getting the new game modes and chapters unlocked use Choices Stories You Play cheats, extra Diamonds means extra chapters unlocked.



Tons of Playable Game Modes with Different Scenarios!

The game contains many playable modes and different stories behind each type of them, we will be covering her own Choices Stories You Play guide most of them to give you a better overall vision of the game and know exactly where you stepping into, let’s start now with the Love Hacks Book, new city, new job new friends, can you navigate the hilarious ups and downs of dating in the modern world? Let’s see how you going to react to such a challenge, remember that there is a new chapter released of this mode every week so stay tuned, remember that this story will change your life, get to choose between  girl or a guy to play with, so now you will be playing as mark Collins, you are walking down a bustling san Francisco street on your way to the muni bus station, you seem tired and looking for caffeine to shaken up things for you, but after few dialogues,

You will realize that you didn’t sleep last night because you had a love before on someone and she moved away, but now she is back in town and you been thinking about her all night long, after a few talk here and there with your mate Cole, prepare yourself to enter the first challenge to get to replay to your mate and every answer you going to give will take you on  a different path, so watch out from what you saying, remember that Choices Tips You Play Hack could help you with such a thing at least to pass the first stages of the game successfully.


Active Internet and Active Choices Stories You Play Hack for Unlocking All the Game Features!

The game requires an active internet connection in order to be able to play it and access the servers, some people would find it some disadvantage but me personally it is such an amazing to be able to connect with all these amazing features rather than playing isolated on your own, get your social media accounts connected, share your latest scores and you can also save the progress you have made so far in the game to your cloud accounts, which will enable you in return to be able to access all your progress of the game from any device you desire.

The settings menu has many options to choose from let’s get to the achievements part which is very interesting, there are almost 23 achievement to be unlocked and claimed the incoming rewards from completing them, the rewards there are mostly experience points that plays a very important role of getting you advanced to the next level of the game successfully, keep in mind that higher level equals more features and abilities unlocked in the game, we do recommend you to get Choices Stories You Play Cheats for such a purpose, since it will be providing you with the required resources on your mission to unlock these achievements successfully.

One big thing coming up to the game to add the heat and spice it deserves, the game leaderboards, they are basically a ranking for the top best players of the game all over the world, it is a worldwide ranking, so there are two ways to climb this ladder and achieve the highest ranks, let’s start with the hard one, keep playing the game slowly, gain levels and finish quests and advance with getting scores but It could take a lot of time, and now let’s move to the easy way which is obtaining Choices Stories You Play Hack which in return will be generating tons of free resources with a simple click on the link above.


A Perfect Masquerade Nigh!

When James asks you to an elegant masquerade, your perfect night is threatened by a girl from his past! Who is behind the mask? That is your mission to achieve at the James: masquerade ball event, this mission will require 30 diamonds from you to start playing it successfully, which can be simply obtain via Choices Stories You Play cheats for free, moving to the Freshman Book, and the different events and emotions.

You could easily be realizing that the game is actually fun and has many chapters to play in freely, welcome to Hartfield! Will you date a bookish James, party girl Kaitlyn, football hero Chris, or all three at the once? You are being offered many chances and challenges, and all will actually depend on how you react to the upcoming dialogues, let’s take it step by step, starting the chapter at the Hartfield university, one of the north America`s most elite academic institutions, ready to choose your look? Get to choose between 4 characters with different skin color level, followed by a face choice and outfit as well, play as your first day of the college and you walk across a bustling campus.

Your suits ace weighs like thousands pounds, maybe you shouldn’t have brought so much for the college, and as you look around a corner, you smack right into a guy jogging by, his name is Chris, you are both got knocked off to the feet, but as you are a girl who tackled him, his ego has gone on bruise, what if someone of his football team that he plays for saw him getting tackled by a girl, they will never forget it and keep making fun of it actually. As time passes he offers you a hand to help you pick up your staff and get up, maybe this is the right time for you to get to know him better, do not forget that with Choices Stories You Play Hack, you shall not be finding any problems with unlocking extra chapters in the game and enjoy all of its features.

Romantic, Mystery Solver, or A Freshman, you will get in love with this game!

Honestly I think that anyone no matter what he likes or loves, can simply start playing this game, because they have added many genres to the game such as the romance, which contains in return rules of engagement book, the freshman book, and many other updated and upgraded versions of books inside this category, and for more books and chapters to play in, get Choices Stories You Play cheats right now, now let’s go back to the game categories, we got here Fantasy, Mystery, and more from the game popular books and upcoming chapters to play in at the bottom of the main menu.


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