Chase Dr. Blaze Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Tricks

Chase Dr. Blaze Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Tricks

Chase Dr. Blaze Cheats For Gems To Help You Get Further!

This is an arcade game, it was created and published by “ClockStone STUDIO” the game was released on 10 January, 2017. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices to start your journey of returning back your jellyfish, also you can use the Chase Dr. Blaze cheats to get helped with the amount of gems you are going to get, Don’t miss there Facebook Page for daily update.


Save Your Jelly Fish From The Kidnapper!

This vicious Chase Dr. Blaze has kidnapped bubbles! Chase him down! The jellyfish has kidnapped and your ultimate is going to be returning it back to its water to save her, and to enjoy the time with her again, you will need to pass too many levels with different traps to succeed in your mission.


Chase Dr. Blaze Guide


Game Controls!

Make sure to read our Chase Dr. Blaze tips to understand the game controls, In order to jump you will need to tap anywhere on the screen, you can always jump through these platforms to help you move higher, and also you can jump on them from their back side, with such easy controls you will need to get over all the difficulties you are going to face to get back your jellyfish from the kidnapper,


Solve The Different Puzzles For Extra Rewards!

At every level you are going to play, you will have to collect all the puzzle pieces to get be rewarded with extra energy points, each puzzle consists of too many pieces to solve a single puzzle, and also you can unlock new characters to play with after solving such puzzles, and you start getting the Dr. Blaze hack to get an extra amount of gems to help you solve more puzzles.



All The Tips Needed To Understand The Game Even More!

There are so many tips you need to consider and also with reading our Dr. Blaze guide you be will typically fit to start the game and these tips are:

1-Complete puzzle’s to unlock new characters.

2-for some of the puzzle pieces there are no hints.

3-don’t know where to find a puzzle piece? Buy a hit in the puzzle screen.

4-after completing a level. The energy costs for further tries are reduced by 1.

5-use your remaining retries in a level to collect some jellies.

6-collect enough stars to break through Dr. Blaze barriers on the map.

7-you can change the volumes for music and SFX in the settings.


Chase Dr. Blaze Unlock


Unlock The Different Achievements!

The game provides you with too many achievements to unlock to start challenging yourself, and these challenges’ such as:

1-Starstruck: you are going to get 2000 experience points if you collect 200 stars.

2-Explorer: you will be getting 2000 experience points also if you have found 20 secret rewards.

3-Jellylicious I: you will need to collect 1000 Jellies in order to get 1000 experience points.

4-Jump Around III: in order to get 3000 experience points you will need to jump 20000 times.

5-Tenacious: to get 1500 experience points you will need to die 500 times.

6-Frequent Flyer: to get 1000 experience points you will need to accumulate 4 hours flying around in levels.

7-King of the world: you will need to collect 70 crowns to get 3000 experience points.

8-Sweet Tooth: feed 3 characters to level 5 or higher to get 1500 experience points.

And to unlock more achievements you can use the Dr. Blaze e hack to get an extra amount of gems to help you unlock such achievements.

Use The Dr. Blaze Hack For Extra Energy Points!

In order to play more levels and to unlock more achievements you will need to some energy points to start every level you are going to play, so if you ran out of energy you can use the Dr. Blaze cheats to get you enough energy points to play the game more.

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