Chain Strike Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

Chain Strike Cheats, Hack & Gameplay


“One advance. One stage towards triumph.”

Chain Strike, a turn-based strategic RPG!

Would you like to find out about Chain Strike?

▶Chain Strike Official Facebook Page: @chainstrike

▣ Game Characteristics ▣

▣ Unlimited techniques and fights played on a chess board

> Play key fights utilizing Rook/Bishop/King/Knight/Queen who are presently accessible as RPG characters!

Place up to 5 Guardians on the best vital positions to assault at the same time utilizing a Pincer Attack!



> Enjoy the clash of minds physically or with different auto-fight alternatives gave!

▣ Create your own particular group to fight against overall clients utilizing your own vital arrangement

> Various Guardians comprise of 4 distinct writes (Attack/Defense/HP/Support) and 5 unique Directions (Rook/Bishop/King/Knight/Queen) are sitting tight for you!

> Form the relentless group by joining every Guardian’s remarkable aptitudes, characteristics, and bearings!

> Enter the positioning fight to contend with clients from all around the globe!

▣ Rich substance that will blow your mind

> An epic story mode that happens in the Signus mainland!

> Who will be the most grounded? Test your quality in the Promotion Battle PvP!

> Enter the Forgotten Tower and assault utilizing every one of the characters in your ownership!

> Go to the Unknown Land where you can gain different things from a Giant Boss and get more grounded!

> Go to the Mysterious Sanctuary where you can get profitable hardware!

> The fundamental method to get more grounded! Enter the Hall of Judgment where you can obtain materials for Guardian Awakening!

▣ Meet more than 200 alluring characters

– A modest bunch of novel characters that are excessively one of a kind, making it impossible to pass up a great opportunity!

– Awaken your Guardians to transmogrify them with another a la mode look!

– Create your own most loved character to flaunt to your Guild individuals and others in diversion!

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