Catomic Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Catomic Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Fill Your Pocket With Coins By Putting Your Hands On The Catomic Cheats!

This is a puzzle game, it was created and published by “On5” the game was released on 29 March, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and if you are running out of coins you can always use the Catomic cheats to get provided with all the needed coins to progress easier in the game.

Learn How To Play The Game By Following The Game Tutorial!

A nice nuclear story could start from three tasty mice! Oohoo! This game provides you with a lot of puzzles to be solved to prove you are best at doing so, and now let’s begin the lessons of learning how to play the game, so let’s start the first lesson form the tutorial of the game, and its drag the milk bottle to a free cell.

Three bottles of milk made a kitten! Let’s build a few more and turn them into a bigger cat, awesome now let’s try to match three mice to make an owl! We have got a little owl! Remember three little owls make a wind turbine! But we got a school cat next, and finally make sure to read our Catomic tips to learn how to play the game before you even start it.

Lock The Mice’s Because They Are Running Around!

The mice are really pesky and are running around, you have to lock them in cages before you can match them, if they have no place to run, they get locked, now lock this mouse! One handier trick, use the UFO to move pieces around the board, now drag it into the little owl, and then drop near another owl.

The shop sells nice items for coins you earn during the game, let’s go and buy a crystal there, and if you are running out of coins you can always get the help from using the Catomic cheats to provide you with all the needed coins to easily progress in the game.

Buy Crystals To Help You Progress Easier In The Game.

The crystal is a wildcard, it allows you to join two pieces of the same kind together, let’s try and join the two owls! A wind turbine is a modest source of energy, but there is a lot of room for improvement, but keep in mind that UFO is recharging and you should wait for 64 turns before you can use it again, and as a gift from the game you have 5 free UFO uses left, and finally make sure to read our Catomic guide to totally understand the game and to learn how merge the different animals together.

Unlock The Different Achievements To Earn More Coins!

There are a lot of achievements to challenge yourself, and these achievements are:

1-Have 4 schools on the board and the reward is 900 coin.

2-Construct the catue of liberty and you will earn 1500 coin.

3-Have 15 bottles of milk on the board to be rewarded with 700 coin.

4-Lose the game in less than 50 moves to earn 700 coin.

5-Make 500 moves in one game to earn 1000 coin.

6-U||Se the hat 4 times in a row to get 1300 coin.

And there are a lot of achievements to be unlocked so work hard on unlocking them to become the first of the score board of the game.

Obtain The Catomic Hack To Unlock New Features.

If you are running out of crystals that will help you establish a lot of things to improve your efficiency, if you cannot solve other puzzles and stuck in a specific level, if you cannot unlock these achievements, using the Catomic hack will provide you with all the needed coins to help you do all that and to easily progress in the game.

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