Catapult King Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Catapult King Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get Any number of magic you desire by using the Catapult King cheats for free!

Destroy whatever comes in your sight, your power shall keep on rising until you are a strong enough to take down scary fire breathing dragons, enter in a very crazy mission to save the kidnapped princess by the evil villains in this outstanding 3D fantasy adventure.

The game story is nothing special as they didn’t want to try to make it look weird or fake… so they have just left the discerption of the game about the frequent kidnapping action that happens to the princess in every story that we been told about and now it’s your turn to use the catapult and take down the enemy fortress and army until you reach the big dragon and save the innocent little princess, in this journey you will be needing some assistant because rescuing her on your own with the normal conditions it would be taking very long period and that is something not everyone could afford so it is recommended to give the Catapult King cheats a try as it will be getting you all the necessary items to save the princess out.

Catapult King was created and published by “Wicked Witch” company and it is available to be downloaded on any device that is powered by the Android or IOS.

Save The Princess in Amazing Challenge Provided by Wicked Witch.

it is advised by the game developers to help the players to use the Google+ of theirs as it will be allowing you to post your scores and share it, and also unlocking the achievements could never be done unless your login through the google services last but not least is sharing the game activity and recent progress with your friends over there.

And to learn the game basics without having to fail frequently in the real missions then you should be considering to enter the settings menu then tap on the explanation mark icon, this will be your tutorial for the basics and how to use the catapult correctly and save the princess, also another option you got here in order to increase your skill level is reading the Catapult King guide that is provided by our team at this website, the guide will allow you to understand every small detail inside the game and it will not leave any stone unturned.



Connect The Social Media Accounts to Earn Extra Magic and Unlock Some New Features.

Connect the Facebook to access the social features and there will be awards for every achievement you are completing, about 300 magic for each achievement, there is also an option that allows you to have a conversation with your friends inside the game and that will smooth up the communication process a lot to be fair.

And now let’s move directly into the gameplay and how the game looks right from inside and later on we will be coming back to the several features that we have missed out here, select the mission that you want to play by entering the mission’s menu and note that every new mission will get unlocked in case you have completed the previous one first.

Teaching the new players how to use the catapult is something that is considered to be very hard but with our teaching methods I think you will never find any problems to master out the catapult skills, at first let’s launch out your first attack, pull the string and move around in different directions in order to aim at the target you wish to hit, it is always recommended to aim for the weakest spot at the target body to take it down fast.

Gameplay in Depth.

Let’s continue the next part that is related mainly to the gameplay, pulling the string further to the back will increase the shooting power so the damage you will be dealing to your opponent would be as high as possible, swipe in the right or left to change the direction of the hit, and make sure that you are taking down the soldiers in the building entirely so aim for the base of the buildings and do not consume way too many moves because this will result in a decrease of the final record of yours.

If you have ever did a great high score at a certain mission, consider to share it through your Facebook account and earn extra 100 magic but still the fastest way to earn these magic would be obtained if you started to use the Catapult King hack!

Still the magic could be obtained through various other ways if you do not trust the methods we have mentioned earlier, then watching advertisement shown in the game is going to earn your magic as well and this is not the fastest way because you have to keep watching each ad to its end so that is simply a huge waste of time if you ask me, but anyway we shall be providing several Catapult King tips for you down here.



New Boosters Could Be Simply Obtained Through the Catapult King Hack Usage.

And now as we have mentioned to you how to collect the magic then it is the time for explaining to you how exactly can you use these magic and how will it be affecting you’re playing experience, Use magic to activate the aim arrow spell from the menu, tap on the pause button right at the bottom right corner during the mission and select on the power up you would love to purchase, as there are more than over 8 power ups available to choose from and each one will do something unique and will come at a cost as well, but with the Catapult King cheats you will be simply getting all them power ups easily anyway.

The Aim arrow will work as a guide to show you exactly where you shot will be landing at, this will make hitting the weakest spots at the building much easier and means faster progression throughout the game, consider getting more boosters with the Catapult King hack as well.

Aiming and Shooting Techniques.

Use the cog on the right hand to adjust the higher and distance of the Catapult, drag the cog down or up depending on your own preference for the shot, and this is something we cannot really interfere with as this is totally based upon your playing skills at the game and after few tries your sense of shooting and aiming will increase significantly.

whilst you are shooting and aiming at the targets the number of balls you are throwing is very limited, so keep an eye on the left tunnel that holds your balls because once you run out of them the game will instantly get over, consider getting some boosters with the help of Catapult King cheats and use them to win the game with simple few moves before you run out of balls.


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