Candy Switch Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Candy Switch Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get Any Number of Coins by Using the Candy Switch Cheats for Free!

If you are a fan of the famous candy crush game, then you should be finding this game innovative and interesting due to its simplicity, use the Candy Switch cheats and get the right coins to have boosters without any restrictions.

Candy Switch was created and published by “Mobileguru” company and it is available on Android and IOS stores to be downloaded and played freely.


Right here we will be going through all the parts of the game and try to explain them out for the users, so keep on reading our Candy Switch guide to its end because we are believing this is the optimal way to learn the full functions of the game features without any shortage, after completing reading it, you should be ready to hop right into the gameplay.

Game has very simple UI as everything is available on the main menu and there are no side menus which will be taking you into complicated scenes and parts, you can find the music and sounds icons at the bottom, with a single tap over the icons you will be able to either enable or disable them, there is no level to decrease or increase the sounds levels.

Right in the middle between the two sound icons you can find the leaderboard ranking system right there, it will only become available when you tell your friends to enter the game so right from this moment the comparison between them shall begin and you can see where you are standing among your friends at the list of this mini leaderboard.

Improve The Gaming Quality.

If you have enjoyed the game you could take a look over the “more” button as it will be introducing you to several games which were created or recommended by the same developers of this game, and that is some sort of advertisement from the developers and we totally respect that.

The game is containing few ads right at the bottom nothing is very major or annoying, but we will mention the ideal solution to get rid of them, also there will be several Candy Switch tips in almost every corner.



Enjoy The Variety of the Available Missions.

Press on the play button which is located at the main part of the screen, and you will be able to choose where exactly you would love to start playing the game, and as a beginner we will be starting with the lollipop island, there are several missions available there and you have to complete them all in sequence in order to get them unlocked, also you cannot advance from one island to another without completing the current available ones.

Follow The Given Target for Optimal Record.

Your main goal at the first mission is to reach the target with 10 fixed moves, if you have managed to complete the given task by using lower amount of moves than destined then this would be a plus and lead to much higher rewards.

There is always a room for investment at the games and to improve your performance and fasten up the pace of progression inside that is why the Candy Switch cheats is something you should be adding to your mind according to the features and easiness it is promising.

Get Them Boosters with The Candy Switch Hack!

The controls are very simple and similar to other games whom are taking the same playing style, you are actually supposed to swipe candies from one location to another until you manage to match 3 of the same candies together at a certain horizontal or vertical shape.

You have a limited number of moves and a target, the target could be collecting a certain type of candies, so do not waste your time on collecting the wrong items, take a look over the target at the top bar of the game, and with the Candy Switch hack we are pretty sure that you will be destroying almost everything within few taps.


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