Bushido Saga Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Bushido Saga Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

This is an action game, the game was created and published by “Pandora Game Studio” the game was released on 24 Feb, 2017. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to save the world and especially your castle from these shadows that wants to kill your lord, also using the Bushido Saga cheats will provide you with a countless amount of gold to help your through your game.

The Peace Has Gone So You Need To Get Prepared For The Next Attack!

After a century of wat, the tournaments of the Sengoku period were finally sealed away in the fabric of time, by fire and friendship the Tokugawa clan rose as the sole ruler of Japan, Tokugawa leyasu became Shohun, the supreme General and protector of the Emperor.

Now, one hundred years of peace have gone by… but greed is always lurking in the hearts of men and evil knows no bounds, conspiracies and schemes abound, Oishi you must fight to protect your lord’s honor with your life! And with reading our Bushido Saga guide you are going to understand how to control your character to proceed in the game.

Learn The Basic Game Controls Of The Game By Following The Tutorial!

In here we are going to mention how the game control works, tap to walk to a destination, tap and hold to guide your character, through learning the game controls you will be meeting a woman and she is going to ask you about help, and you will ask her about what’s going on, and she will reply with that Aki Castle is under attack! And you will ask her to tell your more about the attackers and who are they and how is this possible? But she will reply with I ran away before those things could get to me, something unnatural is happening there! I have no idea what it is, or what they are. And you are going to reply with whoever they are, they will regret attacking Lord Asanos Fief, go someplace safe, I am on my way to protect those in need!

Read All The Tips We Are Going To Mention Here To Learn How To Fight!

Now learn about the combat mode, tap on enemy to lock onto him, and to attack you will need to swipe in any direction, now attack in another direction, to parry you will need to tap on the crossed swords icon, now it`s your turn to finish and eliminate your first enemy, to block you will need to hold two fingers on the screen, and through your way to the castle you are going to find Lord Asanos wooden car on the ground and he is not inside it, and now your time has come to find and defend him because failure is not an option in here, but always remember that you have a health bar so make sure to block and defend yourself against their attacks to not die, and also make sure to read our Bushido Saga tips to understand what is going on in the castle to be able to defend it.

All Of That Was A Nightmare But Might Become True Soon!

What happened? Was I asleep… all this time…? Yes, everything happened only in my mind, what a relief? Still, such an unusual nightmare… in this game you will need to defeat the different minions to save the castle and to save your lord, you will also need to start training on how to use your sword perfectly, and use the different skills to be able to defend the castle, the game has too many skills to be used such as stealth and another attacking skills to easily eliminate your enemies, so finally make sure to get the help from the Bushido Saga cheats to get all the gold you need to get all of these skills.

Obtain The Bushido Saga Hack To Unlock New Skills!

Now make sure to go and meet your lord because he has summoned you, your nightmare might become real and these shadows monsters might attack tonight so you will need to get prepared for this massive attack to defend your lord, also make sure to use the Bushido Saga hack and unlock all the skills you are going to need to defend the castle.


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