Brave Train Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies [Coins Tips]

Brave Train Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies [Coins Tips]

Brave Train Cheats To Get Unlimited Amount Of Coins!

This is an arcade game, it was created and published by “Artwork Games”, the release date is 22 December, 2016. Start downloading the game to your android and IOS devices, also make sure to put your hands on Brave Train Cheats for the extra required coins.

Game Controls!

Brave Train is all about collecting scattered wagons. Three in a row of the same wagons will remove all wagons of that color, now let’s get back to our main purpose of the topic, all you need to do is to click on field, click from the left or right of the train, and it will turn in that direction, and there is also a bonus “Refresh” and it replaces wagons fallen on the field by new in other places, there is also another thing called bonus “Remove Wagon” and it removes wagons matching color from the train, but without accrual coins, You can also find the bonus “Battery” it fills the battery power of a brave train, keep in mind that if you hit the wall you will fail at your missions, so drive wisely, after each match you will be shown the results and your score and these results such as: the time you have taken to crash, the max speed, the max length, the wagons you have collected and the max series, also put in mind that after each wagon you collect you will be gaining coins to use it in the different actions we are going to talk about in the next topics, and to gain more bounces you can start using the Brave Train hack.


Choose The Difficulty Of The Game!

In order to play the game the way you want, you can freely choose the difficulty of the game, and to know what will you do in each level make sure to read our Brave Train tips, there are 3 types of the game, you can play it in the easy mode, medium mode, and the hard mode, the easy mode is falls out for 3 wagons, low speed, large capacity of battery. The medium mode falls out for 2 wagons, normal speed, middle capacity of battery. The hard mode falls out for 2 wagons, high speed, small capacity of battery. And at first you are going to play in the easy mode in order to unlock the other 2 modes. And if you want to gain more coins the usage of the Brave Train cheats will bring all the needed coins under your control.


Try The New Questing System!

You get coins for completing quests. Just tap on the quests button to find out what kind of quests you are going to do, and in here with our Brave Train guide we will tell what are these quests before even playing the game, these quests are:

1-Play one game for 1min and you are going to be rewarded with 100 coins.

2-Collect 100 coins in one on medium difficulty and the reward will be another 100 coins.

3-collect a total of 30 green wagons and also the reward will be 100 coins.

4-collect 100 coin in one game on easy difficulty to be rewarded with another 100 coin.

5-collect a total of 30 red wagons in order to gain 100 coin.

6-reach the train speed of 3 m/s to gain 100 coin.

7-pick up a total of 3 bonuses “Key” to be rewarded with 100 coin.

And by obtaining the Brave Train hack you can complete these quests faster.


Start Unlocking New Upgraded Brave Trains!

There are too many of trains are available in the game such as:

1-Brave: Brave train rushed the first to rescue the scattered wagons. He doesn’t know fear and tiredness.

2-Legendary: This handsome took grand prix at the international exhibition. Besides, he has more battery capacity.

3-Herarkles: Very strong locomotive. He has a large capacity battery and low speed. He is useful on hard difficulty.

4-Rocket: Cope with this buddy is not easy, his speed is one and a half times greater. But for every collected wagon is given not one, but two coins.

And in order to unlock all these mentioned trains you start putting your hands on Brave Train cheats.


Start Obtaining The Brave Train Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you don’t have the enough time to unlock all the features are available in the game, you can’t compete in the hard mode, you can start using this to help you through your journey and to make the best score record in the game.


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