BloodWarrior Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

BloodWarrior Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get Big Amount of Gems By Getting The BloodWarrior Cheats!

This is a role playing game, it was created and published by “Pancakegames CO LTD” the game was released on 19 March, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and save Sara to reach her father but through that you are going to fight against different monsters and bosses, and finally make sure to use the BloodWarrior cheats that will provide you with a countless amount of gems.

Customize Your Character In Order To Begin The Game!

At the beginning of the game, you will need customize your character and to choose which character are you going to play with, for the moment you are going to start with the warrior character and he inherently received the instincts of a beast from birth, he carries a sword and a shield for close combat, after that you will need to enter your name In order to begin and to fight and finally make sure to read all of our BloodWarrior tips we are going to mention in this article to understand the game before you even start it.

The Monsters Discovered The Crack Hole And Invading Your World!

Finally! It’s the last one… if I just close this crack hole… there wont be a way for the monsters to come through, but they are already here, the monsters found their way and are coming to invade this world.

Is this another… dream about my fathe? Lady we are now approaching Douglas, get ready to go.

My name is Sara I have got to make everything right… to do that… I have to meet him… I have arrived Douglas I have asked people in Douglas and found the pub where mercenaries reside… the monster mercenary said I could find him if I came here…

Sara Travel To Reach You And Ask You To For A Special Request!

Now Sara has come to you and ask you for help, but you are going to reply her with that you wont help until you pay gold, but she is going to offer 3 gems to accept her request.

This is going to be your first mission and its going to be taking her where she want, and its going to be a place full of monsters, and she wants you to take her to her destination safely, now you have accepted her request and you will help her with such matter, and finally make sure to read our BloodWarrior guide to know how to control your warrior.

Accept Sara’s Offer And Help Her Reach Her Destination!

At the beginning of the mission Sara will say before we go, I will investigate more on Douglas town, press the flashing button on the right, this button will lead you to the shop, if you need anything during the adventure, you can buy it at the shop.

Press the next button that is flashing, this is the portal of the challenge mode, at this moment you cannot use this portal. However, from clearing chapter one, you can use the portal freely, and finally if you are running out of gold you can always use the BloodWarrior cheats.

Obtain The BloodWarrior Hack To Unlock New Features!

There are three modes, the first is time attack. In a certain amount of time, you must get rid of the monsters, the second is exploration mode. Every time you clear a random stage, you will receive Soul Pieces, you can go to the pet shop and buy pets once you have earned 7 soul pieces, pets can become very helpful during the battles.

The third is BossRaid mode, you will receive advanced equipments everytime you get rid of a boss.

So, this is the place I can earn many things from… now press the next flashing button, this is the pet shop, you are allowed to take pets here, pets can enhance attack and defense during your adventure, and finally if you cannot get enough gold to buy those pets, you can use and get the help from the BloodWarrior hack.

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