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Start growing bigger and bigger over the corpse of the other players, get stronger after each other player you will be eating so start climbing your way to the top of the leaderboards and make sure you are having the cheats so you would be obtaining the blocker+ for free and enjoy the amazing features that will get unlocked for you instantly after getting it.

This game was created by “Dustin Baker” company and they have released it to the both stores The Android and IOS as well for free without any extra charges to be applied to the downloading process.


Upcoming Updates.

Title Upcoming updates to the game can be found here, and you will be able to imagine how the game will look like after they get released to the game as well.

They are planning to add much better matching system, for a better competitive matching in the combats, so you each one will be getting his own rank and will get to play with the players similar to his rank so the game would become much more balanced.

Also they are adding some extra custom skins to the game, so you would look much better and have the option of choosing your own outfit from tons of available ones, get the cheats so you would be able to afford getting these outfits without having to work very hard for it.


Follow The Game’s Accounts On Social Media to Keep Track of everything Happening.

Follow the game on the social medias to keep the track of the latest updates and improvements that will get added to the game right before anyone else, you can follow their twitter account or just like their Facebook page and you shall be receiving them latest updates as soon as they land, also you will get the opportunity of meeting new players and learning more about the game, that is what the guide is supposed to do which is teaching you about the game basics and clear the complicated parts out for you. But make sure you are sending your own feedback to the game creators to their accounts so they would notice the main issues and try to avoid them later on the different stages of the game.

Get The Hack as Soon as You Enter Your Name into The Game.

Enter your name at the begging of the game, and remember that your name will be actually the main identifier at the game so make sure you are using the same name each time you enter the game, and now let’s move to the game UI and controls as well, you will be getting the directional pad located at every spot on the screen, it is actually dynamic one so it will keep getting changed depending on the direction you taking with your thumb, also you can receive some extra help at the game by starting the hack that is available for everyone to be picked up and used freely, also keep your eyes on the leaderboards located and top right corner of the screen, as it will get updated frequently and keeps you keep the track of your ranking and current scores going on all over the game.


Your Guide to Become Stronger.

The more blocks you will be moving over with your own one the bigger you will become, they will get added automatically to your block and start growing up faster, but be careful the game is not that easy actually!

There are many other dangers waiting for you out there, try to dodge the and run away from the bigger blocks as they will try to eat you to become much bigger.

Escaping Mechanism Described with Details.

Here we shall provide you with some of the tips, keep in mind that the bigger the block is the slower it will become, so your chances of escaping an attack from a bigger block will become much higher.

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