Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Increase Your Stock of Coins and Other Resources Rapidly Using the Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics Cheats for Free!

of course you been a fan of the previous versions of this game at your mobile but right now this one is coming with the latest tactical upgrades and improvements and this shall be taking your entire gaming experience to a whole new level.

learn how to deploy unit after unit in fast paced tactical game and enjoy the option of using 8-man squad of doom, expand your armory of heroes and join all the old folks around, use the Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics cheats to achieve all your goals.

Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics was created and published by the most famous gaming company in the past decade which is “GAMELOFT” and they have made it compatible with the most android and IOS devices out there.

Quick Tips for The Beginners.

It is recommended to check frequently for various updates to keep your game up to date with the latest patch fixes, and now welcome to Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics world!

Let’s teach you the game basics and how things are going to work out at the battlefield, wipe out the Enemy base by deploying fighting units from the left side of the screen into the field, watch out because you do not want to run out of deployable units as it will result in a loss of the battle instantly, more Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics tips about how to deploy as many as possible and some other parts shall be covered later on here.


keep track of the bar on the left side of the screen during the combat phase as it will be working s an indicator of the troops which are getting enabled, for each hit and damage you dealing to the enemy side this bar will gain charges and allow for further and extra deployment into the field which will simply secure an easy victory for you, keep deploying the right units into the field as soon as you get the chance and do not waste any moment, also one of the arts you will learn here is knowing exactly when to deploy a certain unit and how it will be affecting your gameplay.



Complete Daily Challenges for Higher Rewards.

Complete the missions successfully and go through the mission report section, if you have succeeded in then you will be receiving rewards which will be unlocked after a certain time of period from clicking over it, also remember that there is a daily challenge that gets updated by the game itself so it is recommended to connect the game to an internet service to allow it to receive the latest update and changes over the daily challenge, keep on reading our Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics guide for more.

Increase Your Military Powers by Using the Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics Hack.

The boxes you are receiving as a reward after each mission will usually contain coins and assets as they are the main important currency there which could be used to purchase various items and apply upgrades to your account itself, consider using the Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics hack to be able to get these coins and assets freely without any restriction but still if you do not prefer this way you can simply follow the given instructions to collect these coins simple and easy.

Make Sure That You Are upgrading your Current Units to Their Maximum Potential.

Each unit at your army will have its own attributes and powers, they can be upgraded and improved by spending coins on them, make sure you are increasing their damage as much as possible so you would be dominating the battlefield as fast as possible without giving any chance for your opponent to comeback or even breath.

also the Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics cheats will make the upgrading process as easy as possible since if you have enough coins everything will be smooth.


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