Blast Blitz Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies “GAME REVIEW”

Blast Blitz Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies “GAME REVIEW”

Blast Blitz was released on 3 January 2017, the game was created and developed by Poly Pandas.

You can now download Blast Blitz for free on Google play but with firmware of version 4.0 and higher for all the Android device’s, the game is also available for free to download on the App Store for all the IOS devices as it need a version of 8.0, and it is available on all the Apple devices.

There are in app purchases as you can purchase outfits, for an example the Piggy bank which is very cool, a side from being cool, it will help you to earn gold coins faster, plus it gives you 1000 coins for free, so do not forget to use the Blast Blitz cheats for free now.


Press and hold to drop bombs.

just tap anywhere on your device’s screen to start an instant game, and just also swipe to move, press and hold to drop bombs, as you will place a bomb from where you stand, and you can move the bomb by running into it as you will hit it and moving it away in your facing direction.


Blast Blitz Guide

try to rule the map and control it, but keep a distance from these obstacles.

try to avoid the obstacle as they are so much obstacles in and through the game.

Rating the game at Google play for the android users and on the Apple store for the Apple users will mean so much to the developers and the creators as they will always remind you to do that, to be able for them to see their work that they worked really hard for it on platforms to be able to review their work and feel satisfied enough.


If you want to play in silence, you can mute the music as well as the sound effects.

Try to access the setting section which is you can find it at the bottom left corner at your device’s screen, as you can always change the Blast Blitz language, or you can adjust and control the music and you can also mute it, you can also disable the sound effects if you want to play in quite environment, or someone is sleeping next to you and you do not want to wake him up, as always you can check the credits menu, as well as the best new features in the game which is restoring the purchases, as you can now restore the real money that you have paid in the game, if you do not satisfy with it, or your kid just purchased them by accident, so they will understand that and return your money safely, as you can always relief your mind and use the help of the Blast Blitz cheats to get all the gold coins that you will need through progressing the game.


Earn free coins, as well as free gifts now!

You can always get free coins in the game by watching an ad, which is the third section in the game and it so oblivious to notice as it is in the middle of the screen, and above it comes the free gift section, as every interval of time you will be rewarded by a free gift that mostly is free gold coins, do not forget to get free gold coins as well by getting your hands on the Blast Blitz hack for free now.


Use Blast Blitz hack to get enough resources to get new and cool outfits.

You can access the outfit section in the game, as it shaped like a panda and is located at the bottom left corner of your device’s screen, as you can get lots of outfits which are very cool to wear them, so use the Blast Blitz hack to get them for free.

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