Best Fiends Forever Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips [Free Diamonds]

Best Fiends Forever Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips [Free Diamonds]

Dozens of Diamonds Waiting for You to Be Claimed by Using Best Fiends Forever Cheats for Free!

Enter the adventurous world with very small heroes and challenge out the strongest powers on this world and threaten them to lose their throne to such a tiny hero like you,..

This game is actually a great time killing game get it right now for free on your Android or IOS powered device.

Best Fiends Forever was created by “Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd” and you can get Best Fiends Forever cheats as well for them extra diamonds.


The Only Good Fiend Is a Dead Fiend!

Onward to mount boom! And victory is waiting for you to claim it! The slug king has been waiting way too long for this glorious moment, finally the fiends are finished, the time has come probably for you to use the mystical crystal in your hands and gain super powers, now you are starting from the bottom and will fight your way through the top of the mount again! Read Best Fiends Forever guide to be able to define the fastest route to reach your destination.



Tap to Kill, And Double Tap to Knock Out Completely!

The battle system is actually similar to the other games, It has nothing complicated and they are trying to make it as simple as possible though, tap on your character to start performing attacking moves, at the first mission you should be preparing yourself to encounter fiends attacks, they will keep on attacking you until their stamina runs out and they become unable to move any longer, so in order to join the fight tap on the sludge over there, and start attacking them without mercy until they are over, for extra Best Fiends Forever tips, keep reading the full article.

Kill Them Fiends and Become the Boss of This New World!

Killing the fiends is not the end of the journey or the mission, get ready and well equipped with Best Fiends Forever cheats to be able to face out the fiend’s boss at the end of each stage of the game, the boss is much bigger and stronger, you will also notice that there is a timer over his head, the boss normally takes longer to be killed, but with the latest gears you will be purchasing from the usage of Best Fiends Forever Hack, you shall not find any problem at this regard,

Increase Your Resources by Collecting Loots and Using Best Fiends Forever Hack!

Killing fiends will drop you some resources, you can use them to upgrade up your attacking skills such as temper, the first level is morel ice 10% increase in the attack rate, you will feel the upgrade results immediately at taking out these fiends after upgrading the skills, and we can suggest you another option, which is obtain the ultimate Best Fiends Forever Hack and enjoy the huge numbers of diamonds and upgrade with unlocking also new skills freely without having to worry about your pocket my friend, now let’s move back to the combat scene.

The last hidden secret you can use at this game, but use it with caution and only when things gets so dark that you cannot handle it, the frenzy mode, it can be activated by clicking on its icon below, it will help your damage to get increased by 5x! and that is insane damage output coming from your hero over there, so once it has been activated start tapping on the screen repeatedly and fast without a single thought, make sure you are using every second of the spell period.


Hire New Heroes to Help You Out Through Your Journey!

Start hiring new brittles and other creatures to become your assistants during the combats and journey to the mount! They can be upgraded and improved as well to increase their output attack power, spending your resources on such a thing is actually going to pay you off later one, every extra Damage per second in this game is welcome, because you want to finish off the fiends as fast as possible though, keep eyes on the hired assistants to monitor their levels, and you upgrade their skills as well, and for easier upgrade get Best Fiends Forever cheats to be having the required Diamonds to be able to reach the maximum upgrade stage at the game.

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