Beat Dash Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies [Free Coins]

Beat Dash Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies [Free Coins]

Remove The Disturbing Ads And Get Free Coins By Using The Beat Dash Cheats!

This is a rhythm game, it was created and published by “Hero Entertainment Co.” the game was released on 22 December, 2016. Start downloading the game to your IOS and Android devices, also using the Beat Dash cheats will provide you with too many coins to use in the game.


Learn The Basics From The First Tutorial!

Before you start the game you need to put your headphones on because it’s a rhythm game, and with our Beat Dash tips you are going to understand the game in no time, it’s a special rhythm action game. So you need to know the rhythm first, after listening to the rhythm, now you will need to learn how to attack with it, touch the right side of the screen to attack the enemies which rushed on the ground, learn the rhythm of the enemy to attack them perfectly.

Now try to attack three tigers by yourself, now it’s time to learn how to defense the enemies which attack from the air, all you need to do is to touch the left side of the screen to defend against the air attacks, remember the feeling of the rhythm now try to defend yourself with the next exercise, after completing the exercise, now get ready to for the adventure with the sweet song,  and with the usage of the Beat Dash hack you will the VIP items to use.


Game Play!

All you need to do in this game is to reach the end point safely, you are going to face a lot of monsters and creatures that will try to stop you getting to the end by attacking you from the earth to the air, and put in mind that you have an HP bar that decreased with every attack you receive, so arm yourself well and also highly defend yourself from these massive attacks, and finally by reaching the end you be will getting coins and experience points to be used in the shop to help yourself through the journey with the different items, also by reading our Beat Dash guide you will need no time to get the level you want to unlock the locked the items.



Use the Different Items To Boost Your Powers!!

The game provides you with too many items to use to boost your efficiency in the next levels such as:

1-there is an items that will give you an extra 1 HP in your next level.

2-another item that will increase your hero’s HP by 2 in the next level.

3-another item that increases your score in the next level by 10%.

And more to be used but to use them you will need a lot of coins, so with the extra help from the Beat Dash hack you will be having a countless amount of coins to use on the items.



Customize Your Character!

In order to enjoy the game most, you have the authority to choose a character to play with from the different characters that are available in the game, so think wisely before you choose a character because each one has a different abilities from each other, bring your luck here and choose the perfect character that fits your real skills, and with the help from the Beat Dash cheats you will be unlocking more characters to use in the future from the store.


Put Your Hands On The Beat Dash Hack To Pass The Different Stages!

There are too many levels and stages in the game with different difficulties, if you cannot pass the hard ones, and you are running out of your time to collect all the coins you need, if the ads are almost covering the half of your screen, by using that you will have all the abilities to pass the different levels in no time.


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