Into The Badlands Blade Battle Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips

Into The Badlands Blade Battle Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips

Claim Your Rewards and Receive Tons of Free Gems/Diamonds for Free After Using into the Badlands Blade Battle Cheats.

This is not an ordinary sword fighting one, and you can actually presume that the game has the potential to fly high up with the top tier games due to the Giant development company behind it “Reliance Big Entertainment”, learn new special skills and improve your fighting skills though the different situations you will have to face. Start downloading the game for free on both platforms Android or IOS, and to ensure that you are unlocking all the game features and enjoying it without a limit, start using the into the Badlands Blade Battle cheats for free.

A Unique Game, With Unique Combat System

Enter the first sword and art fighting game, it has very pure graphics with a decent storyline to follow, keep following up with the game pace and unlock new arenas by learning new skills and becoming much stronger and fearsome warrior. You can also get yourself the strongest gears at this game and become invincible by using the into the Badlands Blade Battle Hack for free, so prepare yourself, since the future does not seem to be certain about many of things, we better get ready!

Increase Your Rating Thus Your Enemies Shall Fear You!

Enemies will get more aggressive if you try to battle them with a low health points, upgrading a hero instantly fills up their energy, once an enemy is targeted, your hero will continue on attacking him automatically. There are 4 difficulties to play any mode of any of the four, and depending on your skill level at the game and how fast have you been improving, remember that you can change the difficulty level later on the game, but we honestly do recommend you to play it at the maximum level, to enjoy every small aspect about the game, and also with the Into the Badlands Blade Battle cheats, you shall be finding no problems at fighting your way through the top of the world as the best katana fighter out here. And now let’s be moving along to another important thing at this game, which is the importance of being fast and reacting fast to the different situations and combats you are entering, sometimes you have to do certain moves to counter the upcoming attacks, and if you were delayed by few seconds, you would end up dead! So while you are fighting others, never forget about your back keep your eyes open wide to track and monitor all the moving puzzle pieces, and of course with into the Badlands Blade Battle Hack, your gears should be on top level, so the damage wise and defense you will be having are actually great, so what is required from youth survive this game is to pay attention and become much more active on the scene of the combat.


Use The Special Skills Wisely, Since They Are Not Available All The Time!

Each hero has his own special traits, and it can be upgraded and improved easily by increasing up in the level and spending some resources to help you with upgrading and increasing your powers as well, these resources can be gotten from the usage of into the Badlands Blade Battle cheats for free. But now let’s see how you going to react in the combat scene when your opponent has higher rating than you, so you need to take it easy and watch out for the incoming attacks and be caution, and take some steps back when he is coming at you, and know your enemy traits, so you would be in a position of countering his attacks so far, and do not forget that into the Badlands Blade Battle cheats is your goal for the optimum results!

A Quick Combat System Over View!

Let’s give you a brief over the game combat system and how it works, as any other action game attacking is taking a big role in the events that happens around you, so tap on any enemy to start attacking, and once the target is selected, watch your character attacking automatically until they are dead! There are few into the Badlands Blade Battle tips we will be giving away for free here in this into the Badlands Blade Battle guide. Stay Tuned!

Get into The Badlands Blade Battle Hack to Forget About Mission Rewards!

At the end of each successful mission you going to go through, you can see the rating of the mission as 1-3 stars’ system, and there is the target time that you are supposed to finish the mission on it or before, and if you finish the given task before the target time is over, you will get extra points as a flawless bonus score. On the other hand, there will be the mission time record, best Combo which is how many successive hits in a row has been applied to the enemies, killing counter, Finishers, and that can be executed once the enemy is on the ground, so you double tap on him to finish him off! and the special moves counter which we will be explaining how to perform them and master Mize the damage getting out of them. These are the statistics of each mission you will be entering, and the change of the numbers and scores is depending on your performance and how you react to the different situations in the game, but to ensure that you are having a decent gaming experience and not struggling much during the missions, you will need to have enough amount of remember that you can counter fast attacks at the game by a tap on the enemy target! There are different attacking types as well waiting for you there, such as strong attacks, and they can be countered easily by a single swipe over the screen,

Read Our Full into The Badlands Blade Battle Guide to Know Which Hero Worth Your Shot!

Choose the hero with the highest combat rating to increase your chances of winning the fights! And this is where you choose your own hero, on the left of the screen is your hero`s Combat Rating, and on the other hand is the Enemy fight rating, it looks like your rating should be higher than the enemies rating, and in order to increase your own rating in this game, you should be having enough amount of X, which can be found by using the Into the Badlands Blade Battle Hack for free, remember that each trophy earned goes towards your trophy chest, keep battling those clippers, enemies will get more aggressive if you try to battle them with a low combat rating as well, so make sure you are having the upper hand here, and now let me give you a few steps you have to be doing in order to increase your own Rating in the game, and as we have mentioned above, the higher your rank is, the stronger you are and will become more fearful on the battles, sometimes the opponent defines your skills by the attack rating number, which is actually has nothing to do with the skills and talent as a fighter, but anyway let’s get It your hero upgraded using the points earned after each successful mission you completing, and increase his abilities and status, now you should be having faster reaction, and higher damage alongside the higher health points number, so you should be lasting in the battle for longer periods without having to worry about anything else, and at the end of the day, the main booster behind all of these attacking ratings thing is the Into the Badlands Blade Battle cheats because you will be getting ultimate new weapons that can boost it dramatically!

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