Babel Rush: Heroes & Tower Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Babel Rush: Heroes & Tower Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Babel Rush Cheats to get free gold and free carats!

Babel Rush is released on 27 December 2016, the game was created and developed by “Rainbowyard Corporation“,..

Babel Rush is free on the Google play and you can download it now using the firmware of 4.1 and up, the game is also available on the Appstore to all the IOS devices.

In Babel Rush you can buy gold from the gold shop with carats or by using the Babel Rush cheats, same as the stamina that can be purchased from the stamina shop with the same carats that you can get by using the same Babel Rush cheats you I have mention earlier.


Internet Connection Required!

When you first start Babel Rush, and after toy have downloaded the game whether from the Google play or the Appstore, Babel Rush guide will ask you again to download size which is approximately 164.15 MB so if you would like to proceed just tap the green yes button at the left of your device’s screen.


A perfect creativity!

Babel Rush did makes sure to help you to less your anger about the downloading staff so they developed and made a wonderful story of the game and will tell you about it while you download the rest of your files.


Babel Rush storyline!

The Demons sins has been increased, the most beautiful and great rebellion of angels that began in ancient times, the war that had broken out to the fallen archangel has ended at last, the guardian of the heavens defeated the angel, after the final war, the defeated fallen angel was thrown down to earth and became a wicked demon, in the meanwhile and due to the after math of the war in heaven terrible disasters continue to strike earth, among them a great flood, the disaster scarred mankind beyond all description,  This is a story of the heroes who have gathered to defeat the demons and regain peace, humans shocked by the event began to construct a huge to be in preparation for further possible danger, a divine punishment fell upon all humans that constructed the tower, the language of foolish mankind was divided into thousands and being unable to communicate, they started to split up, during this time of chaos, the demon’s wickedness began to encroach on the human heart, the demon has corrupted the most outstanding priests among their naming them “Immortal” and bringing chaos to the world, the messenger of god who descended to guide the heroes was the guardian that had defeated the fallen angel in the past, with the guidance of the guardian courageous heroes were heading toward the tower, they are the last hope in this fallen world.


The name of the expedition.

The first thing that the game will do after the perfect intro is that the Babel Rush tips will welcome you to the land of battle, a guardian who will be guiding you, the battle at the tower is just about to begin, the it will tell you to kindly enter the name of the expedition that will chant your victory, and after that you go and save the world.


Choose your three heroes carefully.

After picking your character’s name you have to choose the character identity from among 7 different kinds, remember that you can purchase carats from the carat shop with cash or by using the Babel Rush hack, the first one is the warrior as a pious warrior with enormous strength, versatile with weapons, he can use two handed weapons easily, and his specialty is focused defense with is five percent damage reduction for each nearby monster, then there is the mage which is exceptionally powerful in ranged battles, this highly intelligent mage causes confusion in the enemies, as her specialty is reverse time as cool down reduces by one second on skill use, then there is the assassin which is inborn agility and nimbleness, the assassin dodges and slashes away in mid to long ranged battle, a shadow rushing from one monster to the next, domination the battlefield.


Use the Babel Rush hack to get a free access to the equipment shop.

You can buy things from the Equipment shop with gold and carat, there is free equipment available every now and then, so do not forget to pay a visit and check it out via the Babel Rush hack.

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