Asterix and Friends Cheats & Hack – Free Roman Helmets

Asterix and Friends Cheats & Hack – Free Roman Helmets

Asterix and Friends Cheats and Hack to get unlimited free Roman Helmets, This game is the game that is based on constructing builds and following certain missions that has be quoted from the old legendary series called Asterix books series, in this game you are building your own village your actually becoming the mayor of the city and start exploring the world and finding new resources around you and start using it to benefit your people your main goal is to join battles and fights and dominate and defeat the romans armies which is considered to be a big threat, this game is available on android devices and IOS platform as well.

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Start your Empire! : Asterix and Friends Cheats

Start building your empire with a small village everything huge in this life started with a small idea and a powerful man behind it, you are starting in Asterix and Friends game with some small base and villagers building and you actually have nothing to defeat the romans who keeps invading your village and put taxes on you and take prisoners from your village, but now you are taking the control over the village you cannot let such actions happen again on your watch!

Start training your villagers and teach them how to defend themselves and use weapons to stand against the romans attacks.

There is a guide an old man that appears on random times gives you tips and hits to proceed into the game do not forget to listen to him wisely because he is your man who will guide you through out the game to start your dream EMPIRE!


Defeat the Romans protects your realm! : Asterix and Friends Hack

You have to start thinking of raising an army because a trained villager no matter how hard you work on him he is a villager after all, you will need to start training them with passion and start taking the youth into the military camps which you will construct during the game and start going into small battles and hunt some few roman troops and capture them and take their gears and add it to your small army.

One step after another and you becoming a fearful force on the realm and romans will start to worry about you, time has come to take care of your resources the larger army you got the larger needs are getting, start sending the villages into the sea to start fishing or even construct farms and try to get fresh crops to feed the army.


Join the alliance with your friends!

Asterix and Friends is a free to play game so get ready and start inviting your friends to play the game with you and forge alliances and build cities near each other’s on the map and create a huge force that can defeat the romans on the first sight, there is also an in game chat box which you can use it to communicate with all your friends from all over the world.

The game requires an active internet connection to become playable, and it is lag free.

What is Asterix and Friends Cheats Free Roman Helmets and coins :

Assemble your own particular Gaulish town in Asterix’s reality. Set out on an epic experience, investigate the world, unite with your companions and make capable organizations to battle back the Roman armed force. Complete interesting and testing missions while advancing through Roman armies and camps and achieve Egypt with Asterix, Obelix, Dogmatix, and other new and exemplary characters!


Chase wild pigs, fish out the best quality fish to set up a delightful feast for Obelix, or simply slap it despite your adversaries! Assemble wood, stone, wheat, and numerous more assets to re-fabricate your town and lead Asterix and Friends Cheats to triumph!


Investigate the force of an incomprehensible exhibit of elixirs, art weapons and coverings. Rejoin your most loved characters, prepare and prepare them to be prepared to strike back at the Roman Empire!


Join a society, or make your own and assist your kindred Gauls with fighting off the attacking armies! Take part in diverting town fights with your companions or enemies to achieve popularity and eminence in Gaul’s history!


Satisfy the numerous journeys Asterix and Friends will provoke you with, and they will remunerate you copiously and even go along with you in the fight to free Gaul from the Roman armed forces and help you sail to new shores.

Asterix and Friends Cheats

A system association is required to play Asterix and Friends.

If it’s not too much trouble NOTE: Asterix and Friends is allowed to download and play, be that as it may, some amusement things can likewise be bought for genuine cash. On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize this element, please cripple in-application buys in your gadget’s settings. Additionally, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you should be no less than 13 years old to play or download Asterix and Friends.



Asterix and Friends Now in iOS and Android devices (soon : Windows Mobile)

Like Clash Royale and COC , in Asterix and Friends you need to develop a Gaulish town and make effective societies to battle back against the Roman armed force, all set in Asterix’s reality, obviously. Accumulate assets and supplies, exchange and fight by shaping your society, and fight Julius Caesar with made weapon and mixtures.

The greatest attract to this diversion is its specialty style (no joke planned). Perfect, striking, and it has that splendid, cartoony component that sits pleasantly with the subject. You’re not kept to your pen, er, town, and can investigate your general surroundings, finishing journeys to gather rewards.

Snatch your duplicate on the App Store now and here for IOS also , or in case you’re an Android client, get it on Google Play. Asterix and Friends is allowed to play with IAPs, and it requires a web association for you to play it.



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