Asphalt Street Storm Racing Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Grab Tons of Cash and Diamonds by Using the Asphalt Street Storm Racing Cheats for Free.

Prepare yourself to enter into a new challenging racing game that delivers a new kind of challenge by placing you against up to four of other players from all over the world on the streets of the New York city, and as the challenge getting harder you should be considering to use the Asphalt Street Storm Racing cheats to increase the number of the Diamonds or the cash you have got so far so let’s get deeper into the details of the gameplay.

The Asphalt Street Storm Racing Cheats was created and published by one of the top rated gaming companies which is “Gameloft” and it is available to be downloaded on IOS or Android.


Gameplay is so simple as it doesn’t have many complications and if any problem you have encountered so far in the game then it shall be fixed immediately and overcome it by reading Asphalt Street Storm Racing guide so far, and here we start with the game controls as the first thing to go with so far, hold on the start button located on the bottom left corner to get into the drive action and once release it to start moving along.

and I guess now that you do not understand exactly what does holding into the drive button do that is why you need to pay great attention to every word coming up next here, at the starting scene of the drag racing system you will have to warm up the engine before the lights go green color, but once the race starts your goal is to get the RPM indicator on the yellow area but do not jump into the next steps as they will be covered later on.

Keep Your Eyes Over the Shifting Mechanism.

Keep in mind that every wrong shift will lead to a total disaster so keeping your eyes over the RPM indicator is a smart idea to follow up throughout the racing process, make sure your shifting is not way too early or way too late as it will lead to an engine fatal and a huge loss of speed.

the shifting controls can be found on the both sides of the speed gauge as the right hand side shifting button is for shifting a gear up and the opposite works on downgrading a shift in case you have done a mistake and shifted way too early before it is appropriate time, and you will be also finding some amazing extra Asphalt Street Storm Racing tips right here.

Upgrade Your Car to Compete with The Top Tier Drivers.

There are several parts of your car that needs to be upgraded and improved to enhance the car performance on road overall and right here we shall be expressing them in lists so you could actually realize which part would require the highest priority from you to spend your money on.

Engine: The engine part is responsible for the amount of torque power coming out of the engine which indicates how powerful the engine is and one more thing is the maximum speed the car can possibly reach on a straight line with certain conditions taking place.

Suspension: it will be saving you time and providing stability to your car at higher speeds which boosts also your top speed overall and it can be improved by purchasing and unlocking the latest kits of this part using the Asphalt Street Storm Racing cheats for free.

Turbo: the main reason behind your victory at the races, the twin turbo mode which generates a massive explode at the beginning and throughout the acceleration process of your car which would give you a lead by gaining much faster gears in very small period of time.

Simple UI to Suit Almost Every Single Player.

The UI is simple and doesn’t contain many complications as on the top left corner you can be finding the countdown timer and how fast your record was and this will be simply putting you in a hard challenge against yourself to beat your own highest record you have achieved so far here.

and once you reach the finish line of the race at the first position you will be receiving tons of amazing rewards but you can check the last race results with details at the check box after the finish line immediately.

the result box contains the place and your racing period with even the smallest digest available there and of course the reaction time so far to the different movements, last but least the NOS usage combined if you have either won the race or not, but with the Asphalt Street Storm Racing hack all your problems will be fixed instantly.

Connect Your Facebook to The Game and Share All Your Progress Globally.

connecting your Facebook account has now become a trending feature among every single game getting released so far, so make sure you doing such an important move in order to be having an access to send invitations to your own friends from there to enter the challenge with you and also you can be always checking on the completion level from time to time on the local leaderboard that was created specially to heat up the challenge between the friends.

but that will never take away the main feature of using the Facebook as a login feature as it will be sending all your game data right to the account which could be allowing you later on to get an access to it and start receiving hem data back on any device you are using at the moment and this would be considered to be very helpful as you shall never lose your progress in the game no matter if you have changed the device or even removed the game entirely from the mobile.

Use The Garage to Upgrade or Purchase New Cars with The Help of Asphalt Street Storm Racing Hack.

Entering the garage to purchase new cars will be your daily routine in such a game as there are tons of real life cars available to pick up them from the garage and each car has its own special driving style and also a special attribute related to it, but they come at a very high cost which means that you have to go through several missions and races in order to be able to purchase a new decent car but actually you should be saving yourself the effort and start using the Asphalt Street Storm Racing hack as it will be working as the main supply of the coins and cash for you without having to pay anything in return, all you have to do exactly is clicking on the link that can be found at the start of this guide.

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