Angry Birds Evolution Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Angry Birds Evolution Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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The famous angry birds game is back to surprise us with the latest upgrades and changes on the gameplay as a whole, right now there is a storyline that you are supposed to follow out with all of its turns and paths, learn more about the game details and features by reading our review, and also do not forget how the Angry Birds Evolution cheats will affect your gaming experience over there.

Angry Birds Evolution was created and published globally by the famous gaming company “Rovio Entertainment Ltd.” Company and it is compatible right now with most of the Android and IOS devices in the market.


Game begins with a very neat cinematic video that includes an introduction to the game storyline and how everything has started over there, and you will be moved directly into your first mission right away as the pigs have managed to steal the eggs of Shirley and they are going to eat them if you didn’t find a way to stop the pigs.

So since your first mission is starting this fast, so we have to jump into the game controls on the next segment of this Angry Birds Evolution guide, and later on here we will be going through various features of the game to make it much clearer.

Same Old Angry Bird.

The playing mechanism didn’t change a lot as everything is the same from the old versions, all you have to do is to dragon in order to have better vision and aiming range, and once you are set then simply release your hands to shoot the bird into the pig crowd.

But right here in this game, the reflection is playing a vital role as you should be expecting and predicting what is going to happen next once you release the bird, and your main goal should be always to try to take as many pigs as possible down with the lowest number of shots, this is actually possibly achievable but requires hard work from your side.



Techniques for Optimal Results.

There will be explosion boxes lying around in every corner of playing ground, try to aim for it as this will make the destruction action happen on much larger scale and easier attitude.

Moving next on the second mission, as the pigs are spreading all over the kingdom and they are on the Eagle mount, always try to eliminate the threats of them as this is the egg break. For each hit you are applying to the pigs there will be a small report of the combo streak that you have achieved so far, find angrier Birds Evolution tips mentioned here.

Read Your Mission Report Carefully.

After completing the mission there will be a report including all your performances and moves that you have accomplished so far, you will be also given the chance to share the photo of your victories scene over your Facebook page, as this will expand the community of the game and allow your friends to know about the game and enter the challenge alongside you, so prepare yourself with the Angry Birds Evolution cheats as this will ensure that you are topping the leaderboard ranking system and becoming one of the greatest among them.

Purchase Boosters with The Angry Birds Evolution Hack Right Away!

Receive gold coins after completing each mission successfully as a reward for your hard work and good performance, these previous coins are useful for a lot of things, most notably leveling and evolving your birds. They can be gained from almost any type of battle and it will vary depending on the battle difficulty level, so the harder the mission is the more rewards and coins will be waiting for you to be gained, and also increase the stock of coins simply via Angry Birds Evolution hack service.


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