Almost a Hero Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide FREE Gems

Almost a Hero Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide FREE Gems

Almost a Hero Cheats Is Here! Start Using It and Worry No More About Your Gems Balance.

get ready to start playing with one of the 9 available characters to choose from and to be hones they all are idiots and no one has better powers than the other so this will spice up the competition and make everything much harder as you will have to enter this journey to transform them from being useless players to totally good ones we can suggest you to start using the Almost a Hero cheats throughout the various stages inside and also do not forget that this is a clicker game and if you do not know what exactly a clicker game means then it is recommended for you to keep reading on our Almost a Hero guide down below.

Almost a Hero was created and published by “Bee Square” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android or IOS platforms free of charges!


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Buy Your Friends Time to Escape.

You do not have too much time, the bandits are coming on their way to you and you actually cannot be summoned right there to stop them off but here is a much better idea.

Using the magical ring as it will get you to teleport to wherever you want with a simple tap as the ring will start shooting out lighting to deal damage to the enemies without even being there at the combat scene, use the ring to stop off the bandits while the old guy is escaping his way out, but mean while you are killing those bandits they will be dropping gems in return, so let’s make a use out of them or even get the Almost a Hero cheats as it will be providing you with them coins for free without any restrictions or extra effort to mention from our side.

Upgrade Your Powers and Know Which Hero Suits You the Most.

in this part we will learn exactly the best and most frequent places you should be visiting in order to invest your gems you have collected so far and how will they affect your performance on the gaming career, and that will be taking us into the first upgradeable option which is the lightening ring, you can start upgrading it with more and more power so it will become a leveler of all creatures around the place and the monsters would drop dead instantly in no time, and now let us return back to the battle close tap by tapping here on the same icon you have entered battle scenes, the electric shock will take out both of the monsters on the field so far since the lightening.

once you are done with killing out the enemies and backing them off whilst your friends manage to escape this place the time has come to unlock a new hero and add him to the playing list you have, but a new hero will be coming at a cost and that is when the usage for the Almost a Hero cheats will be at its maximum level and need, so use the cheats to be able to increase the numbers of heroes you have got until you reach the highest number which is 9 and start the journey with all of its details and ups and downs to become the real heroes of the kingdom.

BELLYLARF: a new hero he is the most annoying person ever; he thinks he is funny but he is not. Belting you over the head with a leg of bed is high comedy to him and he is actually weak and most suitable for amateurs and new beginners at the game as he is cheap and you can afford purchasing him after completing the first mission ever, more Almost a Hero tips can be found over here to know the right hero which suits your gameplay the most.

HILT: this hero is the one you are starting as a default, he is a blacksmith apprentice cursed by a spell all what he touches ever will fall apart, he would love to be a noble knight but it is never going to happen as he doesn’t have the skill nor the talent that would make him become one at all not even after several years.

Using The Almost a Hero Hack Will Help You to Upgrade Your Skills Limitlessly.

sometimes after proceeding through several missions and stages you will get to face the boss of these creatures, and the first one we got here is the Egad, so this is the time when your hero will start activating his own special skill which takes some time until it gets charged but once it is unleashed the damage output is insane and would take down the strongest boss with few hits, so make sure you are not using these special skills without caution, also upgrade it via the Almost a Hero hack for free instantly, as soon as you start using it the coins will be right in your pocket without and totally for free.

Get Stronger TO Face the Upcoming Challenges.

the stronger the challenge is the more gems will be coming to you and this will make you even much more powerful, remember to keep upgrading your skills frequently and unlock new skills as well, in the heroes section you will be noticing the indicator which will be letting you know how far are you from applying a new upgrade to the hero and also how much is the next hero going to cost you out, one more thing to do is paying a visit to the hero skills section by tapping on its icon, over there you will be able to use the skills points available from him leveling up in the combats, so use it wisely as there are way too many skills can be upgraded or unlocked and few skill points available.

Check Your Progress Bar.

keep your eyes on the adventure tracker located at the top side of the screen as it will be letting you know how far are you from completing the adventure you have entered and also down below it you can be seeing the boss counter which is totally based around counting how many bosses you have killed in the battle so far, also remember to visit the questing log frequently to know what exactly you are supposed to do on the battlefield, sometimes you might feel lost and the game has no story as the playing technique is totally pointless but that is happening because they never check their quests or even claim the rewards after completing a mission successfully, and of course these rewards are no match to the Almost a Hero Hack that we are getting right into your hands.

Share The Fun with Your Friends Via the Facebook.

After all gaming will never be fun without sharing it with your friends and that is when the role of log in with the Facebook comes, so share the Facebook account with the game as it will get an access to all of the friends list and make sending invitations to them a piece of cake and no effort will take place to mention, and it will be also benefited to be able to save all of your own data there so you can get an access to such a great feature.

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  • We started to do concepts for the characters. We are at the process of defining each of them’s abilities, so they are most probably going to change a lot.
    The idea is to make them look like wannabes and not actual heroes.

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