Alliance: Heroes of the Spire Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies

Fill Your Storage with All the Gems You Need by Getting the Alliance Heroes of the Spire Cheats!

This is a role playing game, it was created and published by “Rumble” the game was released on 17 Feb, 2017. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to save the world from the upcoming dangerous attacks, and also using The Alliance Heroes of the Spire cheats will provide you with a lot of gems to be used on the different resources.

Meet Tara Your New Assistant To Help You Understand The Game!

Hi Boss! I’m Tara, your new assistant, I’m happy to join your new adventure company! First things first – we have got to pass the combat trials, tap an enemy to attack, finish him off! In this game you will need to collect a great and strong group of heroes to be able to fight against the different players around the world and compete for some rare and mythical items to be used, you are going to need to train hard with your heroes and upgrade them to the maximum to defend yourself and to defeat the different players, and finally make sure to read our Alliance: Heroes Of The Spire guide to understand the game before you even start it.

Apply Your Different Special Abilities On Your Enemies To Easily Crush Them!

In each battle you will not win unless you used your special abilities on your enemies to crush them, as an example tap there to select your special ability, shredding shots! Attack that hits 2 times, each hit has a 30% chance to apply an armor rebuff for 2 turns, and this special ability is useable every 5 turns, now tap on the enemy after choosing the skills to attack him with your ability, and you should keep in mind that you cannot use the same ability in each turn, and if you tried to use the same ability you are going to get this message, shredding shots is on cool down and can’t be used again for this many turns.

The Starter Battles Was Just A Warm Up Now The Battle Is Getting Harder!

Now the battle is getting harder, and you are not going to face only 1 enemy, you are going to face 2 enemies plus their leader so you need to be aware of that and use all the powers you got to defend them all, now it’s time to use the most powerful special ability you have to deal great damage for them and this ability is called Bullet storm, and it attacks 4 times against randomly chosen enemies, after the 4th attack you have a 30% chance to continue attacking, now after applying your special ability on your enemies they will be dead, and only 1 will remain and will be easily killable by your normal ability and to use it you only need to double tap to hit your target twice, and after reading our Alliance: Heroes Of The Spire tips you will understand what are all your skills.

Unlock And Get Awarded With The Different Heroes To Become Unstoppable!

After winning your last battle you will be awarded with a new hero to use in your journey, and every hero has his special abilities and stats, so make sure to gather all the heroes together and use all of their powers to finish and end the era of darkness that caused by the evil enemies that wants to spread their evil actions in the world.

Every hero has an element: fire, water, nature, order or chaos, and this arrow shows if your element is strong (green), weak (red), or neutral (yellow) against your enemy, and your new hero abilities are healing your heroes and recover their HP that caused by your enemy’s attacks, and using The Alliance Heroes of the Spire cheats you will be getting all the gems you want.

Obtain The Alliance Heroes of the Spire Hack to Unlock the Different Special Abilities!

In this game you will need to build powerful alliances to be able to survive that’s attacks from the enemies, and you can also join the guild that suits your thoughts and perfectly work together to conquer these invaders, and with using The Alliance Heroes of the Spire hack you will be getting all the skills you want to become undefeatable.


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