Airport Guy Airport Manager Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Airport Guy Airport Manager Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get A lot of Resources Putting Your Hands on the Airport Guy Airport Manager Cheats.

This is a simulation game, it was created and published by “Rottz Games” the game was released on 8 April, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and become the manager of your airbase, and get the Airport Guy Airport Manager cheats to be supplied with a lot of items that will help you to easily progress in the game.

Land Airplanes and Make Tons of Money.

Welcome, Airport guy! Your role is to land the airplanes, avoid crashes, and make money from the airplanes.

Use the earned cash to expand the airport, upgrade the facilities and research new technology to improve your efficiency, so work on the expansion of your airplane base to attract all the airplanes to be able to make more money.

And finally make sure to read our Airport Guy Airport Manager tips to be able to learn how to play the game from A to Z.

Follow the Tutorial to Learn How to Play the Game.

Look, an airplane has entered your airspace, drag it to the airstrip to land it, now its time to learn the basic of the game controls, and reading our Airport Guy Airport Manager guide to completely learn it.

The first lesson is how to drag the coming airplanes, with just a simple click on the plane you will totally control it, now your first task is to drag the airplane to the airstrip to land it, now that airplane has landed, drag it to the gate on the terminal A to disembark and embark passengers, get repaired and refuel.

The airplane will now do everything automatically, refueling costs you, while embarking makes you money, this will take a minute so hand on.



Earn Cash by Sending the Airplanes to the Airstrips.

Great, now the airplane is ready to takeoff, send the airplane to the Airstrip to takeoff, and the airplane will then pay you for the service.

Awesome, you have earned some cash! Bigger airplanes will carry more passengers, and you will earn even more cash, you will be able to unlock them as you advance.

Now lets upgrade your terminal to make it more efficient, double touch the terminal A to open its info panel, and then build a second gate.

Great, now your terminal can handle 2 airplanes at the same time!

And finally make sure to always get the help from using the Airport Guy Airport Manager cheats that will provide you with almost everything you are going to need to easily progress in the game.

Start the Expansion of Your Terrain and Serve A lot of Planes.

Now lets try creating a new building research lab, click on the first button on the bottom left corner, then drag the building to the desired location and confirm.

Great, now open the research lab panel by double touching the building and then start a research for the cheaper fuel tech.

Cheaper fuel will grant you a discount when refueling the airplanes, or for example faster mechanics will make it faster to repair the airplanes.

The research will take a while, you can see its progress on the screen, you will be able to research many other techs on the research lab, such as big and VIP airplanes.

Unlock New Airplanes Using the Airport Guy Airport Manager Hack.

Try to avoid collisions when landing airplanes, and also don’t let airplanes run out of fuel by circling them on the sky for a long time, when a collision happens you will lose some cash and also a red flag will come out, causing a temporary reduction on the air flow to help you organize your air traffic.

And if you cannot upgrade the different features of your base, if you cannot unlock the most expensive airplanes of the game, using the Airport Guy Airport Manager hack will always provide you with everything you will need to progress in the game.

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