Age of Savior Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

Age of Savior Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

A great many players are pausing, a large number of player prescribe it! The greatest enchantment MMORPG portable amusement – Age of Savior is discharge! New Version, progressive gameplay, free gameplay encounter, 360 degree full camera, top nature of IMAX 3D, present to you another experience of MMORPG! The fight will begin, would you say you are prepared?

【Game Features】

Arousing System

Same character, double shapeshift! In the wake of enlivening, you will have more good looking shape and get all the more intense power! In this way, it is an inescapable decision for each legend to fortify his capacity to stir!

3D Visual Effects

360 degree omni-directional vision, super clear picture, dynamic light and shadow, stunning expertise with cool embellishment, the main continuous variation of the trademark day and night framework, present to you an abnormal state of visual happiness.



6 Major Classes

Enchantment Swordman: The amazing swordsman who ace enchantment and kendo, 1 cut of sword, everything on eath wilted!

Guns Master: Good at utilizing guns, exact shooter, exceptional repulse abilities, difficult to approach!

Shadow Assasin: Wielding twofold blade, high dangerous power, readiness aptitude, the best at slaughtering adversaries!

Soul Witch: All-rounder, charming structure, a lolita who will turn the world!

Knight: Sword and shield, high resistance, high HP, the best man in cells strike!

Mythical serpent Mage: Distortion expertise, allowed to control components, a wide range of BUFF, most invigorating gameplay!

Mounts and Pets

A one of a kind style of playing with mounts that can be utilized to ride or partake in the fight. At the point when the primary mission opens the capacity of the mounts, can summon a pet to battle together. Fire Dragon, Snow Bear, Storm Horse and numerous more cool pets are sitting tight for you!

Free PK

Free PK with a great many players inside a similar screen, 60VS60 continuous PVP in a similar guide isn’t an issue! A large number of expertise’s combo, divine ancient rarity and others.


The amusement incorporates Straw Hat Girl, Beach Model, Skeleton Costumes, Lovely Mariners and some more.

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